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Eclipse on my Java

I’ve been messing around with Eclipse for the past month and I must say that I’m quite impressed using it as a Java IDE, it’s default form. I’ve added it to my Java

TouchLight interactive display

With MS Surface still ways off from being released, and then being affordable EON releases Touchlight. This kind of technology got popular after the movie Minority Report. It will be an

More Gphone rumors

Just before hitting the sack, I saw an updated feed from my RSS reader. GigaOm seems to have picked up a few morsels below of information about the Google Phone: Google Phone is based

HP joins the Linux bandwagon

HP joins the Linux bandwagon

After months of speculations from the Open Source community, Hewlett-Packard will soon be selling RHEL (Red Hat Enterprise Linux) Desktop 5 on its HP dx2250 PC. For now the deal is

Crisis Core Opening

It was leaked a few hours ago and already it’s got PSP and FF series fans clamoring. Even I want a PSP to play it the moment it arrives. Here’s the

Useful Ubuntu Sites

A friend in the Open Source community has invited me to visit two interesting sites, UbuntuHQ and UbuntuGeek. The former collects all Ubuntu related articles in one place while the latter collects tutorials. UbuntuHQ

Blog Engines (Part 2)

If you’ve noticed, Part 1 is limited to closed-source blogging engines. I opted to separate the open-source list to give everyone a perspective of what they’ll be getting on both sides and help

Blog Engines (Part 1)

After reading a friend’s post on Host and Standalone blogs, I decided to do some research (mainly because I couldn’t play RF) on some of the blog engines available today. When you decide to start

Optical Passwords

Optical Passwords

Identity theft is one of the worst things that could happen to anyone with an online identity. Your online accounts, ATMs, etc and at all at risk which is why people have been

Store your data on an atom

If you’ve seen The Last Mimzy, the part where they showed an atomic-sized Intel chip, you probably started asking, when will we get there? IBM seems to have found an answer. IBM stores data

Will F2P work for RF Online (PH)?

Upon Remembering the Commercial launch for RFO.PH (that’s RF Online Philippines), I know a lot of prospective players were turned away by the whopping 500 Php monthly fee, one that LUG had promised to

Storm Hits Blogger

And when we thought it the worst has passed. The ubiquitous Storm Trojan has found a new home ? on spam blog sites in Google’s Blogger network Careful whose blog you’re reading these days: Researchers have

Midrange PC on a budget

As an enthusiast, it’s always been my point to buy and build my own rigs. The only time I’ve bought a prepackaged pc was when I bought my laptop (little you can do

Granado Espada PH Launch Party

Granado Espada PH Launch Party

Here’s an event to stir both GE fans and gamers alike. What: GE PH Commercial Launch Party When: September 15, 2007 12NN to 7PM (Day Activities); 10PM onwards (Big Fish Night Party) Where: One Esplanade, SM Central

Mitsubishi Concept-cX

With the current popularity of compact, or kei-cars, like the Jazz and the Swift, Mitsubishi is set to enter the field with Concept-cX?a new-generation compact SUV that balances between the environment and performance. The

Playstation Phone confirmed

Sony Ericsson head Peter Anhegard, has confirmed the coming of a Playstation-branded gaming handset. Although a date is still to be set, Christmas he said although he didn’t specify which, rumors of features

Top Firefox Extensions

There are hundreds of useful (and most of the time not) Firefox extensions to improve your browsing experience as well as bog down the browser’s performance. I choose 4 out of the

Stages of Software Development

Software development is a complicated process that requires careful planning and execution. Huge projects like games, operating systems and full fledge applications takes months if not years to develop. The reason why most of

Global WGA outtage

Microsoft users are experiencing problems with Windows Genuine Advantage with XP and Vista users unable to validate their installations. If you look now at the WGA support forum, you?ll see a flood

Seagate goes SSD

Seagate Technology LLC plans to add solid-state drives based on flash memory chips to its lineup of storage products sometime in 2008, the company said Thursday ? IDG News Service “We have solid-state drives on

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