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Will the iPhone unseat PSP and DS? Not likely

There’s a lot of buzz on the Mac side of computing as a several game developers start signing up for the Mac camp.  Sure it’s exciting since big names like Sega are setting up

Five Technology Disappointments in 2007

I think 2007 was (and still is) a good year for technology-geeks. There’s a bunch of quality products blew us (and our pockets) away like the PSP Slim, the new Zune and iPod

The Gphone is not a phone

?The essential point is that Google?s strategy is to lead the creation of an open-source competitor to Windows Mobile,? said one industry executive. ?They will put it in the open-source world and take the

Apple: 3rd party software = no warranty

After rumors of Apple bricking unlocked Iphones with the new firmware, the company just announced that running and third-party application on those $400 gadgets would effectively void warranty. The company also states that

Apple to "brick" unlocked Iphones

Ars Technica seems to have inside information on this possibility and is suggesting that rather than just make the phones re-locked, Apple are planning to “brick” unlocked iPhones as a lesson to hackers with

Samsung’s Ultra Smart F700

Samsung’s newest mobile in their line up is Ultra Smart F700?is dubbed the iPhone killer. The F700 features unrivaled design and brings a superior range of multimedia experiences to

1 millionth iPhone sold

At the seventy fourth day after the iPhone’s launch, Apple has sold 1 million units. In a press release, Steve Jobs said that it took nearly two years to sell that many iPods. The

More Gphone rumors

Just before hitting the sack, I saw an updated feed from my RSS reader. GigaOm seems to have picked up a few morsels below of information about the Google Phone: Google Phone is based

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