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The Nintendo Switch outsells Wii and PlayStation

Nintendo has a portable machine that prints money.


The Nintendo Switch has broken two more records as of today

  • it surpassed 100 million sales faster than any other console in history
  • it’s also become Nintendo’s best-selling home console ever.

As of Nintendo’s latest financials, the new Switch OLED has sold 10.67 million units as of Q3 bringing the total sales  of the Switch Family to 103.54 million units since it’s 2017 launch.

Here’s how the Switch compares to the other best-selling dedicated gaming platforms of all time:

SystemSales total
PlayStation 2155 million (approx)
Nintendo DS154.02 million
Game Boy & Game Boy Color118.69 million
PlayStation 4116.6 million
Nintendo Switch103.54 million
PlayStation102.49 million
Nintendo Wii101.63 million
PlayStation 387.4 million (approx)
Xbox 36084 million (approx)
Game Boy Advance81.51 million
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