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You’re probably wondering what Atma Xplorer is, what’s it about and why the hell did I choose a weird and convoluted name for this blog. I’ll try to answer that below.

What is Atma Xplorer?

Atma Xplorer is a blog owned and operated by sylv3rblade (some guy named Stephen).  Who am I?  I’m a web developer (primarily Java but I’m migrating to rails full-time rails developer, part-time android dev), novice photographer, casual gamer (consoles, PC, handhelds) and a certified geek.  It’s where I put gaming, photography and fanboy-ism related stuff while I’m working some side projects to actually put them in.  It’s not a personal blog (I’m still deciding if I should get one for that but I probably will) so I try to steer away from posting something too personal.  It’s about Games, Computing, Photography after all.

About Atma
On the technical side of things, Atma Xplorer is a WordPress-powered site hosted on a VPS server from Wired Tree.  Their managed Cpanel-VPS offers are awesome.

Atma Xplorer is powered by WordPress and uses a custom theme extensively modified from an existing one (FTW 2.0).  If you want a copy of the theme, contact me.

What is Atma Xplorer about?
Xploring Games, Computing, Photography.  Although I rarely stick to those niches since it’s really pressing to write stuff that’s constrained :(.

Atma Xplorer is about experiences associated with those three ideas in mind although admittedly, lately it’s been just games, games and more games :D.  I’m still working on the discipline required for blogging so please bear with me for the moment.  If you want me to feature something though, you can send me a holler.

Why Atma Xplorer?
The word Atma has been associated with many popular video games like the Final Fantasy series without being given meaning. Atma is a hindu (no I don’t speak hindu) word that means life. If you couple that with Xplorer (sans the e from explorer) you get “Exploring Yourself” which is basically what the Atma Xplorer is all about.

Sure I could’ve gone with the popular trend and attached Pinoy to Xplorer but having PinoyXplorer as the domain name for what the site is now seems quite odd doesn’t it?

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