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Google search is drunk

Yes.  I’ve had a lot of experience having Google give me a SERP page that displays none of the things I need but this one is special.  I was doing a favor for a

MS Dev Software:Free for students

Microsoftâ„¢ seems to be in a giving mood this year as they’re all set to launch a project that allows colllege and university students to get copies (legit) of their developer software FREE.

Did Gentoo just die?

While no official body has yet to confirm or spread news about it, Daniel Robbins, creator of Gentoo Linux, confirmed that the Gentoo Foundation’s charter has been revoked for the next several

Google on your TV

The idea of a major internet company on your home tube (TV for the misnomer) is not as farfetched as it was 5 years ago. Sure, we already see so much ads that we

Sony bids goodbye to DRM

It was inevitable that Sony BMG Music Entertainment turns its back on the shackles of digital music called DRM (Digital Rights Management). Everybody has been predicting that 2008 will the year and after

Are sidebars really useful?

When it was first introduced as a feature of Windows™ Vista, I was one of many who dismissed it as another marketing ploy to lure tech savvy individuals to the new OS.

What to do when your PC dies

It started as a glitch while playing a video file during the New Year’s celebration and like any computer junkie, I felt it was simply a codec error or something as minor. Two

Five Technology Disappointments in 2007

I think 2007 was (and still is) a good year for technology-geeks. There’s a bunch of quality products blew us (and our pockets) away like the PSP Slim, the new Zune and iPod

Protect yourself from malware

Malware vulnerability is on of the few reasons I stay away from my Windows PC when surfing the net. While some of these can be just common annoyances like tracking cookies or keyloggers,

6 Reasons to Switch to Linux

1. Linux is Stable as a Rock As no doubt many in the industry will tell you, Linux is proven to be a reliable operating system (parts of your system may crash but not

What’s on your Christmas Wish list?

Since YugaTech, Dexter and Mcbilly have been posted their wish lists for the upcoming Christmas season so I decided to compile mine. A year before, everything on that list would’ve been bulky pieces of equipment,

Firefox 3 Beta

I decided to install Firefox Beta 3 (currently at 3.0b1) to see how much improvement the Mozilla team has packed into Gran Paradiso. Firefox 3 beta is available for download from Mozilla’s servers and

Extreme PC Cooling

Are you THAT paranoid of your PC’s operating temperature?  Current games (like Crysis) are processor intensive so you’re bound to heat your silicons whether you like it or not.  Why not create a custom


With the release of Nvidia’s 8800GT, budget gamers were given a taste of high end chips without the shelling out massive bucks. Not to be left behind, AMD unveils it’s bet on the

Thoughts on gOS

Thoughts on gOS

I was ecstatic to find a new Linux flavor on Linuxtracker . While some people are fazed by having a Linux distro compiled with the idea of their web apps (docs, youtube, gmail, blogger

gOS (Ubuntu derivative) is out

Based on Ubuntu 7.10 Linux system with an Enlightenment E17 interface, the PC’s productivity will be almost solely derived from Google applications accessed through Firefox: Mail, Calendar, News, Maps and Documents & Spreadsheets. It

Nvidia 8800GT

Looking for the perfect Christmas gift for yourself or an avid PC gamer? Look no further than Nvidia’s latest card, the 8800GT. It promises 8800GTX-like performance at an affordable price. This

Mythbuntu: The Perfect Linux Media Box

If like me, you’ve dreamed of a Media Center PC that sits in your living room recording all your favorite shows but lack the money for it then good news for you. Mythbuntu is

XP performance tweaks

While we’re waiting for Vista to get better or Windows 7 (probably 3 years to go), or contemplating on a Windows alternative altogether like Mac’s Leopard or LInux’s Ubuntu, don’t throw your XP partition

Microsoft Bows to EU

After three years of resistance, Microsoft has finally agreed to start complying with a European Commission 2004 anti-monopoly ruling against it. The commission said the US firm would now “comply with its

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