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Sony PlayStation games now appearing on Android Market

With the launch of the PlayStation Phone AKA Xperia Play imminent, it should come as no surprise that Sony has started to release Playstation One games into the official Android

Black Wii coming to US shores?

Three years and a half since the launch of the Wii and it seems we’re finally getting that black Wii console to match our black wiimotes, nunchuck and classic controller controllers (pardon the pun).

Your Christmas gadget wishlist

I’ve got my budget set for my holiday shopping but sadly it won’t buy me every gadget that I’m longing for (just dirt poor fella here).  I’m well on my way on getting my

Rubik’s Sphere = brainmelt

Think the Rubik’s cube is already melting your braincells?  Then you should stay clear of it’s inventor’s latest contraption, the Rubik’s

Nikon D90: DSLR + HD Video Recording

Finally, Nikon unveils it’s latest prosumer DSLR, the much rumored D90, confirming all the buzz that it’s the first-ever DSLR with HD video recording.  Now while that may not excite a lot of professional

Buying a PS3? Wait until September

The all new 80 GB PS3 “Core Pack” (SRP $400) will go main stream and replace the current 40 GB model in the market by September this year. Jack Tretton announced on Sony’s

What’s on your Christmas Wish list?

Since YugaTech, Dexter and Mcbilly have been posted their wish lists for the upcoming Christmas season so I decided to compile mine. A year before, everything on that list would’ve been bulky pieces of equipment,

Apple-Inspired Apparel

Haven’t got enough of Apple products—a Macbook for you laptop, an iPod for your music needs, an iPhone for your mobile—why not try apparel for your children as well? Black Arrow is providing you a

iPod line updates

iPod line updates

True to its word, Apple has just announced a major revamp in it’s popular iPod media

Toshiba’s 32GB SDHC Memory Card

Toshiba’s 32GB SDHC Memory Card

Gone are the days of skimping your digicam, trying to cram as much shots as you can on your memory card or keeping your favorite extended playlist on your mp3 phone (if you’re still

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