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iPod line updates

True to its word, Apple has just announced a major revamp in it’s popular iPod media players:

  • The iTunes music store now allows users to buy songs wirelessly.
  • The Classic Ipod receives a fully metallic finish and is currently noticeably thinner than its predecessor. The new iPod is available in 80 GB and 160 GB versions.
  • The new Nano will integrate video and a larger, brighter screen with an interface similar to the iPhone. Apple will also bundle three games into the new Nano, including Sudoku from Electronic Arts. The new Nano will feature two memory sizes 4Gb and 8Gb. It will be sold in black, red, silver, blue and green.
  • The unveiling of the iPod Touch(Not to be confused with Pasen’s iTouch). Though slimmer than the iPhone, the iPod Touch features a similar multitouch interface, built-in Wi-Fi and the Safari Internet browser. Like the iPhone, the iPod Touch can play YouTube videos. One thing the iPod Touch can’t do that the iPhone can: make or receive phone calls. A video demo of waht the iPod Touch can do is posted below
  • Iphone prices have been slashed too. Apple said it will discontinue one of the two models sold since late June. The remaining version, with 8 gigabytes of storage, will now sell for $399, or $200 less than before.


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