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Sony PlayStation games now appearing on Android Market

With the launch of the PlayStation Phone AKA Xperia Play imminent, it should come as no surprise that Sony has started to release Playstation One games into the official Android Market.

If you want to purchase these games, you need to remember that these games are only meant for Playstation Certified devices. With no other device in the market bearing that certification, your only option is the Xperia Play. Still there’s the emulation path for those wanting to play PSX games that have yet to be released.

Current Sony Playstation game available on the Android Market are:

Syphon Filter
Destruction Derby
Jumping Fish
Cool Boarders 2

Games are priced at $6.38. Cheap yes but not if you already purchased them for your PS One (on a CD) or via PSN. Sony stands firm that you will need to re-purchase games for the PlayStatin Suite ;(.

via Droid Gamer

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