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Sony PlayStation games now appearing on Android Market

With the launch of the PlayStation Phone AKA Xperia Play imminent, it should come as no surprise that Sony has started to release Playstation One games into the official Android

Sony Xperia Play AKA PlayStation Phone fully unveiled

It’s official. Sony Ericsson has officially announced the Xperia Play or for those of us following the PSP’s development, the PlayStation Phone.  In terms of pure specs, the Xperia Play is at the top of

PSP for Dummies: 6.37 OFW (and above) for non-hackable PSPs

PSP for Dummies > 6.37 OFW (and above) for non-hackable PSPs You have reached this page because you want to install custom firmware on your non-hackable PSP but have firmware above 6.35. As with 6.35 OFW

PlayStation Phone in Pictures

By now, we’ve pretty much confirmed that the PlayStation Phone is real and not a rumuor. Now, thanks to the Chinese website IT168, we’ve also confirmed most of it’s hardware as well.

PlayStation Phone in the flesh

We’ve all seen the rumors about the PlayStation Phone and most of us disregarded it as a fake. The ‘spy’ video below seems to put it in the realm of an uncoming device than vaporware.

This could be the PlayStation Phone

We’ve been hearing rumors of a PSP + phone mash up for quite sometime now and this is the very first time that a prototype of sorts that’s been leaked (purposely perhaps) for our

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