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Your Christmas gadget wishlist

I’ve got my budget set for my holiday shopping but sadly it won’t buy me every gadget that I’m longing for (just dirt poor fella here).  I’m well on my way on getting my dream camera, the Nikon D90 for xmas (that’s after xmas… you’ll still be waiting for Google’s blessings – ed) but there’s still quite a few gadgets that I really want to get my hands on.  What else can I do?  Put up a wishlist of course 😀

My current gadget wishlist:

  • D90 kit [currently at Php 57,000 in hidalgo… Henry’s and Avenue have the same price ]
  • PS3 Slim/Xbox 360 + Philips 220E1SB HD LCD [Php 18,000 at Data Blitz + Php 8,400 at Enigma Tech]
  • Zune HD + Dev kit [Php 15,000.. the SDK is not yet in the market but I expect it to be dirt cheap… if not free.  Shipping will suck though]
  • i5 and HD 5850 powered rig [ Php 80,000+++ ]

What? No DS love?

Well, given the current line up for Nintendo, I’d rather get another Wii instead in anticipation for Monster Hunter Tri which is set to release in 2010 but that’s for later in the year.  What matters now is the gadgets you want for xmas 😀  Hope santa is listening (What?  Santa is a fake?  NOOOOO SANTA IS REALLLLL!! YOU IS LYING!!!)

LOL.  OK, kidding aside, with less than 100 days left before the Yuletide season I’m pretty sure you’ve got a few items in mind… What’s your gadget wishlist?

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  1. ron.delrosario Ron September 28, 2009 Reply

    Errrr.. The D90 was in your wishlist last year diba? hehehe 😛

    My dream of getting a 70-200mm 2.8 by December looks bleak… damn…

    • atmaxplorer sylv3rblade September 28, 2009 Reply

      Poor ako last year 😀 Ngayon kaya na haha.

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