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Using a Nintendo DS to control a DSLR

And I always thought gaming and photography are different disciplines 😀 A group of ingenious photographer at HDRLabs have created a piece of software called the Open Camera Controller (OCC). OCC works

Six Million Dollar Home Crumpler Bag review

I’ve been in the market for a decent camera bag ever since I got my hands on my Nikon D90. As I already have an awesome Case Logic backpack, I tried searching for

Hasselblad 40 MP “entry-level” camera

It’s a numbers game when it comes to dSLRs and their respective pixel counts right? But what about Hasselbald’s new H4D-40 with 40 MegaPixels? O_O Read that part yet? 40

Polaroid makes an instant camera comeback with PIC-1000!

I’ll admit, when Polaroid announced the decision that they’ll stop producing films for their Instant film cameras (AKA Polaroids), I felt sad because the sheer legacy of the company and it’s cameras to the

Enjoying my Nikon D90

Phew! Things have been really hectic for me since the New Year began and one of the few joys during the interim that I found throughout my currently busy busy busy schedule (aside

Nikon unveils two new dSLRs: D3000 and D300s

While I’m still saving up for my Nikon D90 to replace my year old D40, Nikon unveils two new cameras on each end of it’s camera line.  D3000 for the entry-level dSLR and D300s

Free Hardcore Six Videos and Six Pictures

The hardcore six videos are still being picked but for now, you can make do with six pictures from my daily and photoshoot cache (except the last one lol). The photographs you see in this

Nikon’s new entry level dSLR: Nikon D5000

Nikon’s new entry level dSLR: Nikon D5000

Nikon just unveiled the D5000, the latest update to it’s entry-level (that should read beginner level) dSLR at a price point that would give the Canon 500D a run for it’s money.  So what

Make your dSLR a spy camera

I took a long pause before taking the picture below at face value but it appears to be a valid and real product. Photojojo’s Super-Secret Spy Lens allows you to shoot people without

Canon Rebel T1i | EOS 500D

Canon Rebel T1i | EOS 500D

I’m I’m already looking forward to getting a D90 but maybe by the year’s end (or even next year depending on my finances). It’s a very welcome upgrade to my current dSLR, the

The 4th Microsoft Future Pro Photographer Competition

The 4th Microsoft Future Pro Photographer Competition

The 4th annual Microsoft Future Pro Photographer Competition has begun.   The contest is for full-time college and university students who are 18 years of age or older at the time of entry and actively

Digital Photography, turning a new leaf

So why Digital Photography? It’s expensive, it’s time consuming, it’s bound by thousands of rules and conventions. Why hold an get an SLR instead of an easier point and shoot? Why

Nikon D90: DSLR + HD Video Recording

Finally, Nikon unveils it’s latest prosumer DSLR, the much rumored D90, confirming all the buzz that it’s the first-ever DSLR with HD video recording.  Now while that may not excite a lot of professional

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