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Hasselblad 40 MP “entry-level” camera

It’s a numbers game when it comes to dSLRs and their respective pixel counts right? But what about Hasselbald’s new H4D-40 with 40 MegaPixels? O_O Read that part yet? 40 megapixels… 40 million pixels in 3-by-44mm CCD sensor. At that size, it’s about twice the size of a typical full-frame 35mm DSLR sensor.

With those specs, it easily beats my Nikon D90 out of the ball park. 🙁

As with all cameras in the H4D line of medium-format DSLR, H4D-40 gets a True Focus AF system (which tracks camera movement to calculate and predict proper focus during recomposition) and Absolute Position Lock processor (APL).

The H4D-40 will also feature new low-noise color filters and an 80mm HC/HCD lens which will allow for an increased depth of field. The lens features digital lens correction (DAC) for any color aberration, vignetting, or distortion.

Interested yet? Be prepared to shell out some serious dough, $19,995 for the H4D-40 kit. The kit includes the camera body, viewfinder, and 80mm lens as is now available for purchase.

Anybody interested in getting one?

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