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Using a Nintendo DS to control a DSLR

And I always thought gaming and photography are different disciplines 😀 A group of ingenious photographer at HDRLabs have created a piece of software called the Open Camera Controller (OCC). OCC works

Hasselblad 40 MP “entry-level” camera

It’s a numbers game when it comes to dSLRs and their respective pixel counts right? But what about Hasselbald’s new H4D-40 with 40 MegaPixels? O_O Read that part yet? 40

Nikon D90: DSLR + HD Video Recording

Finally, Nikon unveils it’s latest prosumer DSLR, the much rumored D90, confirming all the buzz that it’s the first-ever DSLR with HD video recording.  Now while that may not excite a lot of professional

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