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Google on your TV

The idea of a major internet company on your home tube (TV for the misnomer) is not as farfetched as it was 5 years ago. Sure, we already see so much ads that we get sick of it but consider the benefits of having your TV integrated with major net-based services like YouTube. Of course there’ll be ads (it’s Google) but wouldn’t it be great to be able to download content straight (stream it actually) to your TV?

Panasonic, a major Japanese manufacturer has signed a deal with Google to do just that. The hardware at the center of this deal are Internet-ready Flat Panel Plasma Television with built-in access to YouTube and as well as other Google services.

Google TV

Big Deal I can do that with my Rig on a XX” screen

Take note that not everyone is a geek and willing to be one. People who do casual computing (and watch online videos) would very much appreciate the technology. Imagine popping up an interesting video like this one while your favorite show goes on it’s 5 minute commercial break.

How good will it be?

Google is still trying to find the Holy Grail of lounge room Internet with many of it’s projects at integration ending up in the deadpool, For a TV with internet access (and services) built in however, Google might give TV stations a run for their money.

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