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Google search is drunk

Yes.  I’ve had a lot of experience having Google give me a SERP page that displays none of the things I need but this one is special.  I was doing a favor for a

Google on your TV

The idea of a major internet company on your home tube (TV for the misnomer) is not as farfetched as it was 5 years ago. Sure, we already see so much ads that we

Never keep sensitive information on your emails

If you haven’t been visiting your social media site because of the holidays then you’ve probably haven’t heard of David’s story. While on vacation (like most of us now), his site and ultimately

YouTube gets upgrades

If you’re a frequent YouTube uploader, you’d notice that the Google company increased file size limit from 100 MB to 1 GB. Length for videos still remain at 10 minutes though so while

Gmail 2.0

After the release of Gmail’s IMAP support, the free email service began rolling out Gmail 2.0 for its users. The change wasn’t global (I think it’s per area) and the change for my

Google Ads on Feedburner Feeds

I was thinking of tinkering with my Feedburner settings when I noticed something odd with the Monetize Tab. Apparently, advertisement on RSS feeds doesn’t just come to people with high feed traffic.

Software Review: Week 3

I’ve had my gmail accounts (I have 4) for quite awhile now and it’s feeling quite cluttered so I decided to take a look if the grass is greener on the other side,

Western Union payment for Adsense Publishers

Western Union payment for Adsense Publishers

Things are finally looking up for Adsense publishers who don’t own a Paypal account. I logged in to check my earnings for the day and saw

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