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Merry Xmas from Atma Xplorer

Merry Christmas to all our readers! As you can see, we now have a new theme for the site. Aside from the new look, I’m also organizing things so that I can push out

Turbulence in the Pinoy blogosphere

Turbulence in the Pinoy blogosphere

My daily routine first thing in the morning is to read updates via netvibes and moderate comments (and reply to them if need be) before leaving for the office. It just so happens

Just a minor site update – shifting paradigms

Yep. Another one of those.  Atma Xplorer is doing good so far, having an Alexa rank of 89,064 isn’t so bad right?  But right now, I’m feeling the crunch of having to think under the

Top Stories on Atma Xplorer for 2008

The year is about to close so I decided to pause all my activities like cleaning up, cooking, setting stuff up for the coming of the next year, and checked my Google Analyitics to

My experience with Blog Hackers

My experience with Blog Hackers

Remember this post? Sender Information:Stephen Ian Recipient Information:www.pdada.comvia: Register NOTICE OF COPYRIGHT INFRINGEMENT Ladies and Gentlemen: On behalf of, owned and operated by Stephen Ian Advincula (the Owner) As required under Sections 512(c)(3) and 512(d)(3) of the Digital

A blog revamp, banner advertising, and a forum on the loose

As you may have noticed, Atma Xplorer is carrying a new design. It’s a trimmed down theme derived from FTW 2.0 by Flisterz. I’m still in the process of tweaking things so

Free WP-Theme: Black Bead

Ok.. I’m late.. the theme should’ve been up yesterday but the latest episode of Gundam 00 upset me (will post about it probably monday, when the subs are out) so I decided to stall

My first WP-Theme: Another project of a Sleepless Night

My first WP-Theme: Another project of a Sleepless Night

CSS for Dummies was a lot of help for this one as well as 2 bags of Roti Mum Coffee Buns. If you want to see how’s the progress on this one, you

Techy stuff to Life, Games, and Computing

I’ll confess, I started this blog with no plan whatsover on SEO, niche or even regular posting. To the earlier me is a way of making money. While it’s true, I

Get paid to blog: Smorty Blog Advertising Network

People use blogs for a number of things, a hobby, an outlet of creative juice or simply a place to vent things out. Now, aside from being all that, wouldn’t it be better

Protecting your content

Scrapers are the worst type of visitors to your site. Why? They “scrape” everything, your posts, your images, even links which are likely at the bottom, and post it as their own.

Yet another contest

This is the first time that I saw a theme that I really want to have so pardon the very off-topic post. The very pleasing theme you see below is called Block Magazine

Blogroll Page for WordPress

Over time, your WordPress blog accumulates blogroll links that limitting a fixed amount of links to show on your blog becomes your last option. If you want to share more link love to

Goodbye to 2007 and my pre-blogger self

It’s been quite a year for me with tons of new experiences both online and offline. Though I didn’t make it to the roll of graduating (actually graduating, not just the graduate class)

Year Ender Contest from YugaTech

Blog contests seem to be running popular as of late and one of of five people in my RSS reader is sponsoring one. In the spirit of sharing, here’s another contest sponsored by

Never keep sensitive information on your emails

If you haven’t been visiting your social media site because of the holidays then you’ve probably haven’t heard of David’s story. While on vacation (like most of us now), his site and ultimately

A new host and a new look

I noticed that Atma Xplorer’s loading time in the past was a bit long (using fasterfox on Firefox Portable on several different PCs and locations). It was mainly due to the PNG images

Cleaning up for the season

I’m currently working on transferring to another host, Dreamhost has given me one too many downtimes. If you can recommend a good host with 99% uptime (preferably one a Pinoy-owned one) in the

FlatPress; a wordpress alternative?

To host a blog, you need a domain name, a host and a SQL database. Usually, your host servers and your SQL server are hosted on different machines, accidents do happen and without

WidgetBucks: Slapped or Banned?

If you do a quick read on popular sites, you’d notice a lot of posts about not coming up on Google SERP. Curious, I tried it for myself and came up

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