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A blog revamp, banner advertising, and a forum on the loose

As you may have noticed, Atma Xplorer is carrying a new design. It’s a trimmed down theme derived from FTW 2.0 by Flisterz. I’m still in the process of tweaking things so bear with me if you see some bugs, missing pages, etc.

Sir Adii‘s BlockMagazine theme (which I won from Blogging Mix‘s contest a while back) was quite a treat for my site but lately I ran into some problems concerning comments. URLs with #comment got redirected to an empty page or at least one where the entire post and comments are blank. I’m certain that this was caused by one or more of my plugins but I couldn’t find the right one even every overwriting my theme with a clean version so I took some time off work (and while working.. bad sylv3rblade) to create a new one; SlipStream.

As you can see, I tried to carry over the color theme from Block Magazine because I’ve found it easy on the eyes and added some spice of my own. The huge banners above each post (they will still be present on older posts) and I’ve replaced them with 125 x 125 images on the right of each post.

Looks Dosh Dosh-y? Yep I loved his new theme it served as an inspiration. Err no. I’m not trying to be a Dosh Dosh wannabe. We’re sporting different niches anyway.

Another change is that Atma Xplorer is now open to advertisers (banners).

I have 6 available slots, 125 x 125 banners (the banners you see at the moment are sites I’m currently running and an affiliate one) priced at $5 a month.

Last months analytics yielded:

  • 29,464 Pageviews
  • 19,812 Unique Visitors.

Interested? Contact Me

Sorry if I hadn’t been pushing updates for the past weeks. I was having trouble juggling work and personal life because my anime community (not passing ownership), Ichiraku is having a lot of activities. As admin of the boards, I’m sort of required to be present in all of them. Now for the plug

If you’re interested in the latest events in the Philippine Anime Community, Cosplays or simply want a place to hang out only, join us and share the experience.

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  1. McBilly May 13, 2008 Reply

    Hey. The new color scheme fits you better compared to the blue one. Also, Cool anime forum. Is that yours Sylv?

    McBillys last blog post..Ticao Island Tourism in Masbate

  2. sylv3rblade May 13, 2008 Reply


    For administrative purposes yep. I didn’t start the site though, I had it passed on to me by the former owner. But then again technically it’s mine so yeah. ^_^

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