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My first WP-Theme: Another project of a Sleepless Night

CSS for Dummies was a lot of help for this one as well as 2 bags of Roti Mum Coffee Buns. If you want to see how’s the progress on this one, you can stay tuned here or head to my dummy wordpress installation (EDIT: am now testing the theme so it’s live at PTG). It’s about 85% done with minor tweaks necessary to make it workable.

A disclaimer though, I’m a programmer so I’m not really very good at web aesthetics so forgive me if my work isn’t as polished as that of the other theme-makers. Can’t be everything right?


The concept is not purely original but I put the theme together to fit what I needed for Pinoy Tech Guy. A simple semi-magazine style theme with a Dom Tab (oh God I’m so in love with the Domtab right now). Since I’m already using the Block Magazine theme for Atma Xplorer, I can’t use it again so I set off to try and design my own.

It took quite a while but I finally got Canti, the character you’re seeing up there, to the point where I wanted to so I’m pretty much worn out. I hope to finish and upload the theme by tomorrow, after a good night’s rest. ^^

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