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Online Etiquette 101 – Social Networking Sites

I didn’t expect my earlier post, Online Etiquette 101 – Forums to be an interesting hit. I’ve seen several forums linking to it in order to educate some of the still newbies to

Handling multiple blogs; a Gaming AND a Technology blog comparison

A few of you guys know that I’m also keeping a tech niche blog called Pinoy Tech Guy (I have several more but they’re my personal blogs filled with uhh.. dramu). Usually there’s quite

EA: “No more crappy games from us”

Has EA (Electronic Arts) finally woken up to the pile of trashy games accumulating under it’s belt? Apparently so. Under EA’s belt are a number of games, which to say the least,

Need free file sharing? Look at ADrive

If you’re looking for a place to store files to share online, the usual suspects are Megaupload, Rapidshare, Sendspace and Yousendit. While useful, most of these services are a burden to the uploader

Web services I can’t live without

Web services have gone quite a long way from just being desktop-bound substitutes to full fledged, independent applications that we can’t do without. While they may not look as aesthetic or integrate well

Do you know the CaramellDancen?

The Caramel Dance or more popularly known as the Caramelldansen (it’s Swedish) is one of the biggest memes hit the internet, The music is by the Swedish music group Caramell and I seriously

Google search is drunk

Yes.  I’ve had a lot of experience having Google give me a SERP page that displays none of the things I need but this one is special.  I was doing a favor for a

Look out: Spam from Gmail is coming

CAPTCHA—Completely Automated Public Turing test to tell Computers and Humans Apart—is an both an annoyance and a safety net for netizens. A large number of web services (blogger, gmail, yahoo mail, live hotmail

Online Etiquette 101 – Online Games

Online Etiquette 101 – Online Games

Online Games has become part of the Pinoy gaming circle every since the Massive Multiplayer Online RPG, Ragnarok was introduced by Level Up Philippines into the wild. Like most of the current games

Online Etiquette 101 – Forums

Online services have turned from a convenience and past time to a part of life. E-mail, forum posts, blog posts, VoIP, IM (instant messaging) have become the norm in terms of

My first WP-Theme: Another project of a Sleepless Night

My first WP-Theme: Another project of a Sleepless Night

CSS for Dummies was a lot of help for this one as well as 2 bags of Roti Mum Coffee Buns. If you want to see how’s the progress on this one, you

Ginger: the new Netvibes

Netvibes is prepping up a new, fully overhauled release of it’s latest version, Ginger, which will be out to every user of the service by mid-February. I was lucky enough to

Geeks and Valentines #1: Gift ideas

The big day is still a 26 days away and already people are stocking up on gifts like flowers, cards, chocolates even gadgets. And with good reason, anything branded valentines either disappear or

Techy stuff to Life, Games, and Computing

I’ll confess, I started this blog with no plan whatsover on SEO, niche or even regular posting. To the earlier me is a way of making money. While it’s true, I

Get paid to blog: Smorty Blog Advertising Network

People use blogs for a number of things, a hobby, an outlet of creative juice or simply a place to vent things out. Now, aside from being all that, wouldn’t it be better

Protecting your content

Scrapers are the worst type of visitors to your site. Why? They “scrape” everything, your posts, your images, even links which are likely at the bottom, and post it as their own.

Yet another contest

This is the first time that I saw a theme that I really want to have so pardon the very off-topic post. The very pleasing theme you see below is called Block Magazine

Phishing Gone Wrong

I love the lighter side of the news in the morning, Especially for things like this. By far this is the worst phishing attempt i’ve ever seen. This is why you should never ever

Blogroll Page for WordPress

Over time, your WordPress blog accumulates blogroll links that limitting a fixed amount of links to show on your blog becomes your last option. If you want to share more link love to

Sony bids goodbye to DRM

It was inevitable that Sony BMG Music Entertainment turns its back on the shackles of digital music called DRM (Digital Rights Management). Everybody has been predicting that 2008 will the year and after

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