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Geeks and Valentines #1: Gift ideas

The big day is still a 26 days away and already people are stocking up on gifts like flowers, cards, chocolates even gadgets. And with good reason, anything branded valentines either disappear or rise exponentially in prices. Items such as these include but are not limited to:

  • Valentines plush toys
  • Valentines day cards
  • Valentines chocolates – this includes everything from Hershey’s to Goya.
  • Valentines day flowers – roses or tulips if you run out of roses which you most certainly will.
  • Small bundles called Valentines memoirs

Now, as a Geek, I usually buy before the rush and buy what I know my girlfriend will love. It saves me the hassle of coming up with excuses and the headache of thinking something up. Now, if you’re at a loss on what to give this valentines here’s a quick list. Note that Geeks will most probably love this list of gift ideas more than regular people.

  • E-valentines message – This can be in the form of an e-card, an MMS message or even a video message. Make your valentines message sweet and memorable but at the same time concise. Nobody likes to beat around the bush, unless that’s how you guys started. If you still need advice on what to put in it here’s some ideas:
    • An electronic valentine card
    • A purely valentine quote
    • A valentine song/poem
    • A Love letter (do people still do this?)
    • A comic reminder of your love
    • A self-created (photoshop or similar) Valentines card
  • A memorable picture – Pictures are said to portray a thousand words. Just be yourself (like me in the picture) but don’t forget to be romantic, or at least be creative. Make sure to make this valentines present memorable.


  • An in-game item – If you both play the same MMO, why not give your Geek an in-game item that screams “LOVE.” Bouquets, a wedding veil (ragnarok), an animus (rf online), or even a level 125 weapon (Ran Online). Keep in mind that it’s not what the valentines present is, but rather what it means to you and your Geek.
  • A valentines video – Well it’s up to you how mushy you want to be with this idea. It can be a compilation of memorable pictures or a video that has you in it. Here’s a simple example to get you started:


Now if you have the cash, why not shell out some for these gadgets?

  • Digital Picture Frame – Old and tired picture frames and photo albums are boring because they’re static. Why not go for one that connects to your cellphone, camera or computer to directly upload images? Sure it’s an expensive item but it’s for keeps. Just be sure to keep your “secret stash” out of this.

    Digital Picture Frame

  • Portable DVD Player – Many couples enjoy watching movies but simply don’t have the time and the equipment to do it. With a Portable DVD, you can watch your favorite romantic movie on the go and even where you plan your romantic dinner (provided that it’s allowed). While your at it, why not add a bunch of DVD movies as well.

    Portable DVD

  • A Universal Remote – Most Geeks love the “One X to control them all” concept. This is why Lord of the Rings is such a hit. Why not give your Geek a Universal Remote to do away with all the others to control the TV, the DVD, the component etc.

    Universal Remote

  • A pair of Nokia 1100i – Everybody wants to be connected especially to the ones we hold most dear. Why not stay connected with a pair of these babies? They’re cheap! The most expensive you can find is probably Php 1500 for a pair (note don’t buy them individually, look for a “Buy 1 take 1” offer). Just be sure to pick a service provider that won’t needle you with hidden charges and a busy network on holidays.

    Nokia 1100i

Now have cash and you want some geeky gadgets to give, here’s some ideas.

So, any more interesting ideas for gifts? Aside from the usual “I Love You” what do you intend to give your love this valentines?

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  1. emperor_wurm_49 issai January 20, 2008 Reply … only if your lady is a geek

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