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Get paid to blog: Smorty Blog Advertising Network

People use blogs for a number of things, a hobby, an outlet of creative juice or simply a place to vent things out. Now, aside from being all that, wouldn’t it be better if your posts earned you money as well?

Enter Smorty, a service where you get paid to blog just by posting under subjects that your niche is already covering.

Is this just another Get paid to X scam?

Seriously no. Smorty serves as a middleman, connecting advertisers with bloggers, so the advertisers themselves pay bloggers to write opinionated posts with links back to the advertisers site and/or product. Think of it as a paid review or blog advertising

If want to retain the title of Super-Affiliate, Smorty also gives you that option. For every ad campaign that an advertiser you have referred, you earn commission.

If you want to do things the old fashioned way, you earn by taking up the Opportunities found either on your personal panel or your email. These are filtered to match your niche so you don’t have to worry about making it “fit”. Once registered, head go to your home panel, check what’s available and take what you want. Write an article (that fits the requirement), submit the link and you’re done. Payment is immediately delivered to your Paypal after the advertiser approves of your work.

How is Smorty different?

What I like about Smorty is that you get paid to review actual products or services instead of getting tasks that look like a High School student’s assignment with a X-word minimum. Now I’m not criticizing the people who wish to do so but the latter seems counter productive to me. You don’t get to learn anything and you begin to just blog for money.

To me, learning and experience is everything. Money earned while getting them is just a bonus. Besides, your favorite web startup MIGHT want to knock on your doors and ask your opinion about them. The middleman system allows for some exciting exchanges and opportunities that I did not see with other similar systems.

So why not try Smorty now and make money while blogging.

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