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Web services I can’t live without

Web services have gone quite a long way from just being desktop-bound substitutes to full fledged, independent applications that we can’t do without. While they may not look as aesthetic or integrate well with our operating system (because most of the time, you’re still stuck with your browser), they keep us free from give freedom that would have otherwise tied us to a single computer forever. To the say the list, web services is both a convenience and a necessity.

Convenience because you usually just need to have a compatible browser installed and an internet connection and necessity because a lot of web services now are simply those that we can’t live without.

Here’s my list of top web services that I’d drop dead if I couldn’t use them.


Making bookmarks available anywhere you go makes delicious at the top of my list. You don’t only get to keep those numerous important links handy, you get also to share them with friends. Now how cool is that.


Digg is both famous and infamous for me for a number of reasons but overall, having digg as a source for some of my current events kept it in the top 5. Yes most digged stories are biased towards one idea but theres the usually an interesting read to compensate for that. If I wanted mature discussions on the Topic though then it’s Shoutwire for me.


I honestly don’t have a thing for social networking sites like Friendster and Facebook so a private community like Multiply is the thing for me. It’s a great place to upload unlimited hours of video and unlimited number of photos and keep them private. If you choose though, you can let everyone access your stuff.


While Multiply holds my pictures, Flickr still holds some of it’s share. I loved the service particularly because it integrates well with several Web-based apps and services I use. Great place for conversation too.


At first, Gmail‘s approach at tagging over folders was a real challenge to get used to but now it’s like second nature. It’s flexible and it’s extendable with interesting mods like Gmail Drive. Plus who doesn’t like a 6 GB mailbox? Unless you’re a fan Yahoo Mail‘s Unlimited offer that is.


Netvibes is not only my start up page but also my main RSS reader. Although it does so much more than just hold RSS like iGoogle and My Yahoo, I use it to keep things and places that I like to keep updated on organized. Now that Netvibes has launched Ginger, it’s become much more harder to part with.


VoIP is a must for families with members abroad which is why Skype is stuck on this list. Skype to Skype calls are more common to us (my family) than cellphone to cellphone which is why having VoIP on my PSP is such a great treat. Too bad I still have to find a matching/compatible headset is still a pain though..


Meebo is one of the most indispensable services in my bookmarks because it allows you to connect to several IM formats without installing any software. There’s even support for file transfer.


YouTube is last on my list because aside from being a good time waster, it’s flooded with almost the same videos with very unsearchable tags. I find it indispensable for tutorials though it’s hard to find the right video sometimes.


Converting .docx to .doc is a nightmare to some especially in emergencies. Luckily, Zamzar is there to give you a lifeline. I’ve used it quite a lot of times till I learn to Tame my Office 2007.

That’s it for my list. What’s on your’s?

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  1. tahnee.gonzales tahn April 24, 2008 Reply

    Mine would be:

    tahns last blog post..1

  2. atmaxplorer sylv3rblade April 24, 2008 Reply

    mmm yahoo and google… for search?

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