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What to do when your PC dies

It started as a glitch while playing a video file during the New Year’s celebration and like any computer junkie, I felt it was simply a codec error or something as minor. Two

Goodbye to 2007 and my pre-blogger self

It’s been quite a year for me with tons of new experiences both online and offline. Though I didn’t make it to the roll of graduating (actually graduating, not just the graduate class)

Year Ender Contest from YugaTech

Blog contests seem to be running popular as of late and one of of five people in my RSS reader is sponsoring one. In the spirit of sharing, here’s another contest sponsored by

A FREE PS3 for Xmas

That title is no joke. One of the few blogs in “Most Read” tabe in Netvibes is having giving away a FREE PS3 unit. Sounds too good to be true? Nah.

A new host and a new look

I noticed that Atma Xplorer’s loading time in the past was a bit long (using fasterfox on Firefox Portable on several different PCs and locations). It was mainly due to the PNG images

Cleaning up for the season

I’m currently working on transferring to another host, Dreamhost has given me one too many downtimes. If you can recommend a good host with 99% uptime (preferably one a Pinoy-owned one) in the

FlatPress; a wordpress alternative?

To host a blog, you need a domain name, a host and a SQL database. Usually, your host servers and your SQL server are hosted on different machines, accidents do happen and without

Protect yourself from malware

Malware vulnerability is on of the few reasons I stay away from my Windows PC when surfing the net. While some of these can be just common annoyances like tracking cookies or keyloggers,

Firefox 3 Beta

I decided to install Firefox Beta 3 (currently at 3.0b1) to see how much improvement the Mozilla team has packed into Gran Paradiso. Firefox 3 beta is available for download from Mozilla’s servers and

Sony Launches the PlayStation Store for PSP

Without much fanfare, Sony opens up the PlayStation Store. where you can download for-pay and free content via your computer and upload them directly onto your PSP. At the moment, there’s still just limited content

Browsershots: A great web design tool

Interested on how your site looks on a different browser and OS? If you were to do it the old way you need multiple browsers in your PC (say Opera, Firebox, IE and

YouTube gets upgrades

If you’re a frequent YouTube uploader, you’d notice that the Google company increased file size limit from 100 MB to 1 GB. Length for videos still remain at 10 minutes though so while

Gmail 2.0

After the release of Gmail’s IMAP support, the free email service began rolling out Gmail 2.0 for its users. The change wasn’t global (I think it’s per area) and the change for my

More Google Updates

There’s a bit of buzz going on around the Google Complex as well the Google blogsphere (yes, some sites are dedicated to blogging about google and google alone.) so I’ll round things

I want to ___ with Meebo

Meebo, the onlineIM service just launched the Meebo Development Platform. Interested developers can use Meebo’s API to create multi user applications that can interact with Meebo and allow Meebo users to connect

Apple-Inspired Apparel

Haven’t got enough of Apple products—a Macbook for you laptop, an iPod for your music needs, an iPhone for your mobile—why not try apparel for your children as well? Black Arrow is providing you a

OpenSocial: Google’s SNS portal

Google’s latest launch, OpenSocial (this url goes live on Thursday) is set on November 1, 2007 (tomorrow if you’re in range of our timezone). LinkedIn, hi5, Plaxo, SixApart (read their statement here) and

Mulitple Logins for Yahoo Messenger

One of the major limitations I’ve found with Yahoo Messenger and Windows Live Messenger is that they allow just single logins. While this provides a bit of security, there are times when you

Site move complete

You may have seen the site downtime or the reset of the wordpress installation but rest assured everything’s clean and dandy now. I’m just polishing a few more items on the new host

Mapua COE GC Logo

Phew! After a few hours of dabbling in Photoshop I’m finally done with my entry for the GC logo (or whatever you call the design that will go on our shirt). I’ll

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