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A new host and a new look

I’m Baaaack!I noticed that Atma Xplorer’s loading time in the past was a bit long (using fasterfox on Firefox Portable on several different PCs and locations). It was mainly due to the PNG images that my theme used as several unnecessary scripts (sql queries mainly) in the background. As you can see, I decided to go minimalist (yes, I know many people hate dark themes) to ease up on bandwidth (which I’m unlikely to go out of anytime soon unless I get digg-raped AGAIN) as well as to provide more focus on the articles rather than the look of the blog.

There’s still a few tweaks I need to put up and I can’t do them yet since I’m posting this from the office (uh oh!) but rest assured that the posts will continue to come. ^^

If you’re interested, the theme I’m using is Hemingway Reloaded, the original didn’t support widgets so I chose the next best thing.

New Host

Thanks to kuya Dexter (kuya naman di ba?) for reminding me that our mutual friend supernoobice is providing hosting so I decided to contact him and the rest as they say is history. If you’re curious as to what snoobhosting offers then click here. Again thanks snoob (or is it kuya snoob?) ^^

Note to self: you forgot to use install the favicon and the proper footer which has the mybloglog, blogcatalog and entrecard widget.


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  1. strifer_xl19 supernoobice December 14, 2007 Reply

    snoob na lang. Magkaklasmeyt naman tayo software eh. hehe

  2. mschumey07 Schumey December 14, 2007 Reply

    I love the new look. Minimalist, nah! It looks great.

    Btw, how can I put those boxes (advertise here) in my sidebar? Honestly, its not for e but for a friend. I hope you don’t mind. Thanks.

  3. atmaxplorer sylv3rblade December 15, 2007 Reply

    sure ^^

    The “advertise here” buttons are 125 x 125 images I created in PS. If you want you (or your friend) can use mine or I can make one specifically for him/her.

  4. dexfamily Dexter December 15, 2007 Reply

    Nice and good theme.. Very neat.. Snoob meron dapat akong affiliate earning dyan ah he he he he..

  5. dexfamily Dexter December 15, 2007 Reply

    BTW.. OO nga medyo kuya na kasi 31 na ako .. he he heh

  6. atmaxplorer sylv3rblade December 15, 2007 Reply

    oo nga kuya dex nga haha

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