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Browsershots: A great web design tool

Interested on how your site looks on a different browser and OS? If you were to do it the old way you need multiple browsers in your PC (say Opera, Firebox, IE and Safari) and check them out manually. If you wanted to test your site on both IE6 AND IE7 then you need a separate installation for both (check below on how to do it). If you want to test your work on multiple OS’s though, you either need multiple machines or a bit of knowhow on running multiple OS’s on the same machine.

Now you just need to type the URL of the site you need to test and it’s automatically done for you.

Enter Browsershots

Here’s a test run on Atma Xplorer (click for the full version):

Atma Xplorer on Browsershots

Browsershots also allows you to download these images conveniently packed into one zip file.

Under Linux (Ubuntu) :

Under Windows:

Under Mac:

Note that you have to wait on it (this means reloading then extending your time) since only 30 minutes is allocated per session and click the Extend button from time to time to prevent your request from timing out.

As and added resource if you wanted to install IE6 and IE7 on your PC here’s how to do it:

If you already have IE 7 version running, then all you do is download the standalone IE 6, this is going to enable you to run both IE 6 and IE 7.

And if you haven’t installed IE 7 yet this is what you can do so that IE 7 doesn’t replace IE 6:

  • Download IE 7 from Microsoft, if you haven’t already done so
  • Unrar the exe file
  • Delete the folder that is named ‘update’
  • Delete ie4unit.exe
  • Delete spuninst.exe
  • Delete spupdsvc.exe
  • Delete install.ins
  • Create a new text file called iexplore.exe.local and save this file in the same folder
  • Run iexplore.exe to open IE 7
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