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Look out: Spam from Gmail is coming

CAPTCHA—Completely Automated Public Turing test to tell Computers and Humans Apart—is an both an annoyance and a safety net for netizens. A large number of web services (blogger, gmail, yahoo mail, live hotmail

MS Dev Software:Free for students

Microsoftâ„¢ seems to be in a giving mood this year as they’re all set to launch a project that allows colllege and university students to get copies (legit) of their developer software FREE.

Are sidebars really useful?

When it was first introduced as a feature of Windows™ Vista, I was one of many who dismissed it as another marketing ploy to lure tech savvy individuals to the new OS.

FlatPress; a wordpress alternative?

To host a blog, you need a domain name, a host and a SQL database. Usually, your host servers and your SQL server are hosted on different machines, accidents do happen and without

Protect yourself from malware

Malware vulnerability is on of the few reasons I stay away from my Windows PC when surfing the net. While some of these can be just common annoyances like tracking cookies or keyloggers,

Programming Tools

As additional resource to the programming I have started, can be made easier if you have the right tools. I’ve categorized each according to use. PDF Reader: Not all students have books.  Sometimes, a free

Firefox 3 Beta

I decided to install Firefox Beta 3 (currently at 3.0b1) to see how much improvement the Mozilla team has packed into Gran Paradiso. Firefox 3 beta is available for download from Mozilla’s servers and

Browsershots: A great web design tool

Interested on how your site looks on a different browser and OS? If you were to do it the old way you need multiple browsers in your PC (say Opera, Firebox, IE and

Thoughts on gOS

Thoughts on gOS

I was ecstatic to find a new Linux flavor on Linuxtracker . While some people are fazed by having a Linux distro compiled with the idea of their web apps (docs, youtube, gmail, blogger

Asus EEE US prices are out: disappointing

People like me who wish for a low-cost, ultra mini subnotebook are in for some bad news. Early adopters to Asus’ EEE PC will have to face an additional 100% to the original

Software Review: Week 4

Sorry for another late review, things were a bit hectic for our graduate class so I had very little time to assess stuff, much less review my posts for typo so I’m doing it


Unlike, Firefox’s new update is highly recommended to fix the crashes that many users have reported. Some of these crashes showed evidence of memory corruption under certain circumstances and we presume that with enough

Asus EEE hardware details

I should have posted this yesterday but I had tons of stuff to do so pardon the late information to anyone waiting for their EEE’s. Asus finally unveiled the models in which their much awaited

Mozilla aims for mobile web

Opera is probably the best browser for your mobile device and the Mozilla team now wants a piece of the action. While many mozila fans will go crazy over that announcement, there’s a

Software Review: Week 2

I had a bit of trouble writing a review for this week. I’ve had about six people pestering (yes, it was beyond nagging guys) me to blog about one of the hot issues

YaKuake – KDE terminal emulator

Long time or even new Linux users sometimes find the old terminal console boring and too DOS-like. I tried lots of emulators but I couldn’t find one that works for and looks

Software Review: Week 1

I took about an hour off from editing my paper on Feasibility Studies (*gasp* isn’t the deadline in 2 weeks!??!) to kick off a new segment for my blog. As you can

Asus EEE available for Preorder

Asus EEE available for Preorder

Asus finally opens up the preorders for this sleek (and cheap) sub-notebook. To cut costs, Asus decided to include the Xandros Linux distribution instead of Windows. It supports WiFi b/g, uses SSD for its

Free Online Photoshop

Free Online Photoshop

At long last, Adobe will now be offering a free, online version of one of their most powerful softwares. Dubbed Photoshop Express, the photo editor is part of the Adobe’s plan to to

The Asus EEE

People seldom associate the term ultra, low cost with a laptop? With a desktop probably because you can shave off nearly 50% or more from building your own rig rather than going

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