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YaKuake – KDE terminal emulator

Long time or even new Linux users sometimes find the old terminal console boring and too DOS-like. I tried lots of emulators but I couldn’t find one that works for and looks just right.

YaKuake fills that requirement, providing support for multiple tab which gives people who use multiple instances of the terminal at a time (like me) a lot of saved desk space. The semi-transparency solves the eye-candy requirement.

To install, simply use:

$ sudo apt-get install yakuake

If the code doesn’t work, you can download the sources or a static .deb from the Downloads page.

Once installed, start it by pressing Alt-F2 and you?ll get a notification on the taskbar that it?s up and running.

Initial features I found interesting are:

  • Multiple tab support I’ve already mentioned
  • F12 toggle to hide and reveal YaKuake
  • a Quake-style drop-down terminal
  • Skin support

A drop-down terminal can prove useful for anyone (like me) who always wants a command line interface at their fingertips and really can?t be beaten for speedy access. YaKuake is of course, designed for KDE and you can find out more on the official website.

Note that the website is still under construction, even the FAQ is still down so if you have questions you have to contact the developers for support

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