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Mozilla aims for mobile web

Opera is probably the best browser for your mobile device and the Mozilla team now wants a piece of the action. While many mozila fans will go crazy over that announcement, there’s a few things I’d like to point on that the Mozilla team needs on their checklist to make it a hit:

  • Firefox should be re-written from scratch, not just ported from a browser version and should be implemented on a popular smartphone platform: Symbian, Windows Mobile, etc.
  • Allow interface with the phone’s functionality with the browser like interactivity with GPS, bluetooth ,etc.
  • While using Java might me a good idea now, as technology progresses and mobile specs upgrades, using C libraries would prove a better option because it won’t be hampered by hardware limitations.

You can read more of the official announcement on Schrep’s blog at Mozillazine.

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  1. william_j_ny Symbian October 11, 2007 Reply

    But all new Nokia browser based on Mozilla code.

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