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I want to ___ with Meebo

Meebo, the onlineIM service just launched the Meebo Development Platform. Interested developers can use Meebo’s API to create multi user applications that can interact with Meebo and allow Meebo users to connect with each other. Development will revolve around the question: “I want to ______ with Meebo”.

Before you can get access to the API, Meebo requires developers to register their upcoming applications (in student terms this is like a proposal of a project) providing information like the title of application, descriptions and author’s names. Special instructions and a key will then be sent out to get connected to the database. Unlike major services that provide such opportunities, development can be in Flash (Actionscript) or Javascript and revenue that Meebo makes from such applications (advertisements primarily) will be splitted 50/50. Not bad really.

Applications will be tested in a Sandbox before release to ensure optimal performance and bug-free service.

At the moment, Meebo’s service includes connectivity with Yahoo!, AIM, MSN and GTalk messenger services aside from the Meebo network.  Soon we may see additional platforms like IRC and hopefully VoIP added to their suite.

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