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Programming Tools

As additional resource to the programming I have started, can be made easier if you have the right tools. I’ve categorized each according to use. PDF Reader: Not all students have books.  Sometimes, a free

Visual Studio 2008

I just finished downloading my copy of Visual Studio 2008 Beta 2 via the Microsoft Developer Network. What’s weird about it is I was able to download the Professional Edition, which still has the

I want to ___ with Meebo

Meebo, the onlineIM service just launched the Meebo Development Platform. Interested developers can use Meebo’s API to create multi user applications that can interact with Meebo and allow Meebo users to connect

General Programming Tips

Every developer follows a set of guidelines no matter what language he/she is handling. These guidelines can be good or bad depending on how they’re used and on how much they speed development up

Sun to replace mobile-specific Java

Unless you’re a geek or simply a program, the places that you’re likely to encounter Java is on your browser and your mobile phone. Sun is planning a revamp of it’s current line

Choosing a programming language

Although it’s probably the first thing that would-be programmers should consider, sometimes, choosing which programming language to learn or focus on is a daunting task. As a newbie, you might be looking for the

Freelancing vs Corporate Programming

If you ever decide to take up a career on programming, then there’s only two paths that you can take, becoming freelance and or taking up a job at a certain company.

Why C++ Sucks

Linus Torvalds has recently entered the fray of language vs language, posting a message on a techie list in which he says outright that C++ is a horrible language. “It’s made more horrible by

Microsoft’s Silverlight

Microsoft officially launched version 1.0 of Silverlight on September 5 (yesterday according to post date). This release, the first of the two announced versions, is really focused on delivering enhanced support for audio and

Eclipse on my Java

I’ve been messing around with Eclipse for the past month and I must say that I’m quite impressed using it as a Java IDE, it’s default form. I’ve added it to my Java

Stages of Software Development

Software development is a complicated process that requires careful planning and execution. Huge projects like games, operating systems and full fledge applications takes months if not years to develop. The reason why most of


Ever since I’ve decided on taking up freelance programming as my bread and butter to get through my college expenses, I have always been slapped with the choice of which language to take as

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