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Kingdom Hearts series coming to PC on March 30

The only real downside is if you only buy games on Steam, it’s only on the Epic Game

2020 Summer Steam Sale is under way

It’s that time of the year again folks. Prepare your wallet for Steam’s Summer

Looks like Sony is prepping for a PlayStation 4 + Vita bundle

Sony has been pushing devs to provide support for the PlayStation Vita with their PlayStation 4 titles and it natural to assume that the company will start bundling both consoles.  According to the image

Namco teases Free-to-Play Soul Calibur for PlayStation 3

Looks like Namco is love-struck with the freemium bug as this week’s Famitsu reveals that the new Soul Calibur title, Soul Calibur: Lost Swords will be coming to PlayStation 3. Like Tekken Revolution

StarCraft II: Heart of the Swarm Opening Cinematic

Blizzard has just unleashed the opening cinematic for the upcoming expansion to StarCraft II, Heart of the Swarm Heart of the Swarm will be out this March, which might conflict for some of us who

First look at Persona 4: The Ultimate in Mayonaka Arena

Woot! I’m really excited about the upcoming Persona Fighting game, Persona 4: The Ultimate in Mayonaka Arena. Atlus will be working with ASW, the company behind the BlazBlue game franchise to bring us a

Downtime advisory

Sorry about the down time these past few weeks. It seems the site (and my other sites) have grown to a point that they’re now a handful to manage so I had to

aLoader 1.1 plugin for 6.20 TN Hen

ardi has released version 1.1 of his aLoader plugin. To those unfamiliar with his work, the aLoader plugin allows users to boot ISO’s straight from the XMB (just like OpenIdea) and is compatible with the

PSA: doing minor blog fixes

You may have noticed this annoying image while browsing Atma Xplorer: Part of it is my fault because I was willy-nily throwing images to imageshack instead of uploading them to my server. I’m still

Civilization V February Patch incoming

2kgames is set to release another major patch to Civilization V which will include game-balancing changes as well as the usual bug fixes which I hope will mitigate some if not most of the

Merry Christmas from Atma Xplorer

It’s that time of the year again when kids scramble for gifts, webmasters scramble for keywords, gamers scramble for the short interim of the xmas break to play their games and food meisters scramble

Happy New Year from Atma Xplorer

It’s quite a late greeting as the new year has already pass throughout the globe but I’ve got one good reason to post this late. I went out to watch the first sunrise

Meri Kurisumasu from Atma Xplorer

A bright and happy holiday greetings to everyone from Atma Xplorer. It’s the 25th and yes, and I know I should be resting but I’m still here answering your PSP-related problems! Thanks

The Hardest Mario Level ever!

My girlfriend found this little gem of a video and it gave me a pretty good laugh. A bit of warning, the language of the commentary me offend you… but it will crack you up

Remember Mapua: Celebrating Black Valentines

“Alma Mater your name and your story We raise our glad voices to thee We will strive for the name and the glory Of the M and I ant T…” Valentines has a different meaning for True-blooded Mapuans.

Back from Japan

After some issues with airport immigration, they thought I was someone else and ID’ed me six times, I’m back in front of my computer screen. No one’s here as expected, everyone in my

Merry Xmas from Osaka

Aside from the expensive ($1K+!?!) round trip ticket, the trip was fairly routine. I wanted to go to Akihabara but seeing that the fare was already taken from my own wallet, I doubt I’d survive

Off to Japan for the Xmas

I wasn’t supposed to go since I was saving up for a brand new laptop but I think I deserve a vacation. Sorry for being out of myself (yes I deleted the EntreCard

Mapua COE GC Logo

Phew! After a few hours of dabbling in Photoshop I’m finally done with my entry for the GC logo (or whatever you call the design that will go on our shirt). I’ll

6 ways to become famous

6 ways to become famous

Everyone wants to be famous (or at least infamous). Admit it, you know you love the attention. But the problem is how to get it. If you’re just starting off on your road to

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