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Merry Christmas from Atma Xplorer

It’s that time of the year again when kids scramble for gifts, webmasters scramble for keywords, gamers scramble for the short interim of the xmas break to play their games and food meisters scramble for the latest cravings 🙂 Yes, it’s xmas folks and I’m hoping you’re having a great time this year.

If you haven’t splurged on it yet, check out Steam’s Holiday sale. It’s AWESOME. Today’s sale has Fallout: New Vegas up for grabs for just $29.99

There’s slew of interesting things to come in 2011 but I’ll save that for the lengthy year end post. Till then, enjoy your holidays with a love one or a hot Mio (one of which you’ll see below :))

So again, Merry Christmas from Atma Xplorer.

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  1. miharuhamano miharu December 24, 2010 Reply

    Happy Christmas!

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