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6 ways to become famous

Everyone wants to be famous (or at least infamous). Admit it, you know you love the attention. But the problem is how to get it. If you’re just starting off on your road to fame, check this list out. You can be:

The contributor The contributor
You share your knowledge with everyone for the
betterment of the community. You ask little compensation like donations to help fund development, pay for hosting or none at all. Fame arrives from those who appreciate (or sometimes bash) your work and asks for more. Guys like you spearhead the development process of Open Source applications
The reviewer The reviewer
You point out pros and cons from the works of the contributors with an unbiased (although most of the time biased) opinion. Your reviews gives readers perspective on what?s hot and what?s not so they can choose between A, B, C or none at all. You can either be paid to do your reviews (either by being part of a network or going solo) or you simply do it for the fun of it
The Critic The critic
If you think that a reviewer and a critic are the same, get a dictionary and read on. Everybody loves a critic. You can be a patient teacher or a satire critique. Point out flaws and/or things on works like articles, sites, even pictures that can be improved. Readers who have enough gray matter will pick up the values of your advice and/or criticism will both enjoy and benefit from your work.
The ruler The ruler
If you have people under you, they can be used (when speaking to them you say it’s “support you”) to promote yourself to others and build up reputation (if any and/or necessary). The bad part though, is that you have to compensate them somehow (like money). You need a huge backing to pull this off and even then it’s still a 50/50 chance. It’s just like running for the election although you just get bragging rights instead of an office and a seat.
The BIGOT! The bigot
The second easiest way to become (in)famous. Insult and anger everyone in your path and watch the burst of traffic go wild. You?ll get hate mails, hate messages, hate gifts and if you are able to keep it up for quite a while even a hate fan club dedicated to pelting you and your opinions with eggs and tomatoes. Death threats are soon to follow.
The Lynch mob The lynch mob
Members of the lynch mob can be classified under the bigot but because they have a large number, you deserve a different definition. You and those like you team up like pack or ravenous wolv-hyenas (wolves think so they?re out of the question) and when someone puts on a sign ?FOOD HERE,? you attack everything in sight. As you spend more and more time with the mob, you evolve and can then be described as an idiot.

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  1. emaildiogenes Diogenes August 22, 2007 Reply

    I will settle for a reviewer status. Nice post 🙂

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