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aLoader 1.1 plugin for 6.20 TN Hen

ardi has released version 1.1 of his aLoader plugin.

To those unfamiliar with his work, the aLoader plugin allows users to boot ISO’s straight from the XMB (just like OpenIdea) and is compatible with the Game Categories Light plugin. Currently only ISOs are supported by the aLoader plugin.

Do note that this release is more of a bugfix with no new features. Install aLoader 1.1 if you’re experiencing problems with aloader 1.0


– Fixed problem of displaying “Data submerged for some ISO

– Reset the time of the plugin

– Added support for PSP Filer, in order to sort the ISO

Download aLoader plugin 1.1

Important Note: If you have no idea how to use/install the plugin, read the original post.

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