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More Google Updates

There’s a bit of buzz going on around the Google Complex as well the Google blogsphere (yes, some sites are dedicated to blogging about google and google alone.) so I’ll round things up:

The Gphone:

Mobile Platform

As I’ve indicated on an earlier post, The Google Phone or GPhone is not an actual phone but a platform for mobile devices (pDAs etc.) which falls under the name Android. The development is backed by the Open Handset Alliance, a conglomerate of communications-related companies. So far, members of the OHA include Google, Sprin, Intel, Nvidia and 26 others.



While more companies start pitching into Google’s bet for the Social Networking Niche, there’s a bit of issue in terms of security. Applications that use the OpenSocial platform aren’t as secure as native ones. You can read more information via theharmonyguy‘s site (Yes he’s the guy who cracked RockYou on Plaxo-45 minutes-and iLike on Ning-20 mins).

As Google’s diversity begins to spread more and more of it’s applications enter the web, the rush to get them launched quickly have caused security to be considered last.


FeedburnerI noted a drop on my subscriber numbers (it’s back now) and after snooping around I found that the count drop was caused by Google Feedfetcher’s down time). Things are back to normal now though I still have to find a way to activate my Google Ads for my Feedburner Feeds on my other sites.


Google now owns one of the shortest possible domain names for the users in the Chinese market,

Google says that this short domain name would help the web users in the country as they would be able to type it in fast. If you’re willing to spend time to experiment, try typing on your browser. It will redirect you to

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