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Site move complete

You may have seen the site downtime or the reset of the wordpress installation but rest assured everything’s clean and dandy now. I’m just polishing a few more items on the new host

Site Changes and More

I’ll be moving to a new host in a few days (change that to now, if I’m lucky enough to find an open bank which I doubt since it’s a holiday). I’m getting

Citibank on Paypal Withdrawal

I had pause all my blogging activities to catch up on my research for my Electronic Design subject. To compensate for that, I tried to contact Citibank on how one will go about

Western Union payment for Adsense Publishers

Western Union payment for Adsense Publishers

Things are finally looking up for Adsense publishers who don’t own a Paypal account. I logged in to check my earnings for the day and saw

WordPress 2.3 Features

I upgraded Atma Xplorer to WordPress 2.3 to test things out. I noticed a lot of stuff after the upgrade: An advanced toolbar to the WYSIWYG. If you’re still using WordPress’s Editor, you’ll definitely

Chris Brogan’s 100 Blog topics for YOU

Still getting eaten by a writer’s block and is your blog becoming stale and sour? Fortunately for you, Chris Brogan has posted a list of 100 interesting topics for YOU to blog about.

Relieving weekend boredom

Weekends are always the slowest days for me because there’s little to do and all my problems seem to popup at said time. Good thing I stumbled into Everyday Weekender. I found his topics

Free invites for Yahoo! Mash

Yahoo! has just launch it’s new web 2.0 social networking utility called Yahoo Mash. Mash accounts are only available through Invites and viewing of profiles require that you login to an existing Yahoo! account.  The

Blogger Play launched on

Blogger Play launched on

A new feature has been added to‘s interface. Dubiously (yes, the name is quite far from it’s use) named Blogger Play, it draws images from public and listed blogger hosted blogs

Save time with RSS

For internet-going people, frequenting to their favorite websites is fun, informative and to say the least, time consuming. Checking for updates on 20-50 sites is a daunting task that can take anywhere from an

Blog Engines (Part 2)

If you’ve noticed, Part 1 is limited to closed-source blogging engines. I opted to separate the open-source list to give everyone a perspective of what they’ll be getting on both sides and help

Blog Engines (Part 1)

After reading a friend’s post on Host and Standalone blogs, I decided to do some research (mainly because I couldn’t play RF) on some of the blog engines available today. When you decide to start

Storm Hits Blogger

And when we thought it the worst has passed. The ubiquitous Storm Trojan has found a new home ? on spam blog sites in Google’s Blogger network Careful whose blog you’re reading these days: Researchers have

Streamline your blog to earn cash

Read this if you have a blog and want to squeeze more out of it. If you’re still new to the blogging community start off with this guide from Supernoobice. 1. Search Engine Optimization: Titles and URLS: The

Technorati Favorites Exchange

Technorati Favorites Exchange

Site promotion can be a pain sometimes and it’s one task that newbies to blogging like me find hard as hell to get good at. Luckily there’s quite a few people who want

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