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Blogger Play launched on

A new feature has been added to‘s interface. Dubiously (yes, the name is quite far from it’s use) named Blogger Play, it draws images from public and listed blogger hosted blogs both from the web and public Blogger

Blogger play is a page that features a real-time slide-show of pics automatically taken from blogspot blogs.

Blogger Play Screenshot

Blogger Play will show you a never-ending stream of images that were just uploaded to public Blogger blogs. You can click the image to be taken directly to the blog post it was uploaded to, or click ?show info? to see an overlay with the post title, a snippet.

If you do not want your pictures pulled into the slideshow you can remove your blog from their listings. On that note, even if your blog is listed, any adult content will be filtered via Safesearch.

I imagine that using it after awhile can be a bit addicting just like StumbleUpon.

For more information about Blogger play, visit their FAQs page.


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