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Technorati Favorites Exchange

Site promotion can be a pain sometimes and it’s one task that newbies to blogging like me find hard as hell to get good at. Luckily there’s quite a few people who want to help out on that. Here’s a post from Lifecruiser that’ll help boost your site’s popularity via technorati:

Note that the original post is here

Most of us want to promote our sites as much as possible and one way is by register at, or claim your blog as they call it.

I found a post on Tricias site about Technorati Favorites exchange that I thought was interesting, so I was thinking: why don?t we, the cruisers at least, but every one else is welcome too, mark each other as Technorati Favorites, to support each other?

So, I?ve added active A-Team Cruisers to my Technorati Favorites to begin with and will continue with others.

Technorati rank sites by popularity and the more links you have to your site the lower your rank drops. The lower your rank gets, the closer you are to their top 100 bloggers list.

Of course getting on that list isn?t easy, but getting on the top favorited sites is possible. You are more likely to receive visitors from Technorati if you are listed in the Top 100 most favorited list.

When you find a site that?s listed on Technorati that you really like you can mark it as a favorite. The more Technorati members that mark you as a favorite site the better!

How to do this:

1) Claim you blog at Technorati – if you haven?t already.

2) Click this button to add Atma Xplorer as a favorite in Technorati:

Add Lifecruiser to Technorati Favorites
3) Leave your Technorati Favorite link in a comment on this post and I will add you. You can get yours from this link page in Technorati. Only leave one link to one blog even if you have several blogs.UPDATE: I?ve decided to use engtech?s Technorati program for this adding instead, which means that if you favorite me in Technorati, you?ll automatically be added to mine favorites as soon as I run the program!Don?t forget to always ping Technorati after writing a post so people get to know about that post!Even more benefit you?ll have from a link exchange as well.More Technorati Favorite Exchanges to join:

  1. Dosh Dosh (started an exchange as an experiment)
  2. NiaTrading Signals – Alex 3071
  3. Six Degrees of Inspiration
  4. Ramblings of an Undisturbed Mind – Beth
  5. – Andy Beard
  6. Domestic Divapalooza – Angela Llewellyn Stevens
  7. Anitokid by AnitokidAdd to Technorati Favorites
  8. Army Mum: New Jersey – Charlotte
  9. AskaX World – Andika Kusuma
  10. Tech Lock Rahul – Rahul
  11. Baby First Year by GoonieAdd to Technorati Favorites
  12. Dummies Guide to Google Blogger Be
  13. I Thought, Therefore I Blog – Bet Shop Boy
  14. Bigfoot Sightings – Linda Martin
  15. – Gary V. Vaughan
  16. Nukilan Jejari Azhad by Shaz AzhadAdd to Technorati Favorites
  17. Intensive Care for the Nurtured Soul – Hueina Su
  18. Fyais by fyaisAdd to Technorati Favorites
  19. Jeff KeeFave it
  20. SEO Blog at Pixnet – SEO Blog at Pixnet
  21. Bobs [ReformatThis]Fave it
  22. Sapphire Knight – Sapphire Knight
  23. Blog About Money Online – Alex Bamo
  24. BlogOp – Chris Lodge
  25. My Life – Clsyee
  26. Diet Recipe for Everyday – Cherry
  27. – Danny Dang
  28. Panopticum by ??????????Add to Technorati Favorites
  29. Design Adaptations – Charity Ondriezek
  30. Spyware, Adware and Security News
  31. Digital Information Technology – Atul Dogra
  32. How to Earn Money Blogging – Daryl Lau
  33. TechJunction – Netbizopp
  34. Make Money Online: Quick n? Easy Way – EJ Cooksey
  35. – Ponn M. Sabra
  36. //Engtech – Engtech
  37. Tricia?s Musings – Tricia
  38. – Garry Conn
  39. Genius Type – Brian Lee
  40. Genus_Loci – John
  41. Mr & Mrs Imran – Mr and Mrs Imran
  42. Keeping Fit is a Daily Battle
  43. Home Office Women – Doris
  44. Living Your Dreams – Lee Tuck Sing
  45. India PR Blog by India PR BlogspotAdd to Technorati Favorites
  46. Internet Marketing – Schee
  47. JameoTips – ValkrieAngel
  48. The Rojak Blog – Ap0gEE
  49. Captain Picard?s Journal – Jean Luc Picard
  50. A Blogspate – Juliet Pain
  51. Our Journey by SyAdd to Technorati Favorites
  52. – Kyle Eslick
  53. My Journey to One Million Dollars – Laura
  54. Life Spices – Indra
  55. Me and My Net – Anoop Kumar Singh
  56. Magical Rose Garden – Magical Rose Garden
  57. Manila Mom – Maia Jose
  58. The Million Dollar Experiment Down Under – Rob St George
  59. Mina?s Musings – Mina
  60. The Making of an Internet Entrepreneur – Maria
  61. MLM Gossip
  62. Mom Gadget – Gayla McCord
  63. Money Consciousness – Nenad
  64. Blogging for Money – Michael A. Setyaputra
  65. Ms Latina Renee Enterprise – Latina Renee
  66. Mother?s Home – Stine
  67. ::Under the Rainbow:: – [s][e][x][y][i][n][r][e][d]
  68. Pentimento – Webduck
  69. Lack of Money is the Root of All Evil – Kakashihatake
  70. Panda Cube – Aki Jinn
  71. Planet Apex by Planet ApexAdd to Technorati Favorites
  72. QMusings – Mrs Q
  73. Quasi Fictional – Diogenes
  74. SquareCookies
  75. Rugjeff?s Blog about Blogging – Rugjeff
  76. Computer Mobile Corner – Santa
  77. Sexy in Red by NorlinaAdd to Technorati Favorites
  78. Shankar?s Tech Blog 2.0 – Shankar
  79. ShanKri-La – Karthik Ramadoss
  80. Skeet?s Stuff – Skeet
  81. Dox – Rahul
  82. My Online Collections by star500kAdd to Technorati Favorites
  83. Arts & Stuff – Susan Borges
  84. Bubba Stuff by Sandee LeongAdd to Technorati Favorites
  85. Table4Five – Elizabeth
  87. FrugalMomma by Lisa KnightAdd to Technorati Favorites
  88. The Man of SilverFave it
  89. The Reviewer – The Reviewer
  90. Ordinary Folk – Mike
  91. T by T JantunenAdd to Technorati Favorites
  92. Vinod Live! by Vinod Ponmanadiyil Add to Technorati Favorites
  93. Online Business News – Tammy Ames
  94. Wampago – Chris
  95. Webtools@Desinet1
  96. Show Me The Money by GerriAdd to Technorati Favorites
  97. Armen?s BlogFave it
  98. Article Discovery Politics by David GreeneAdd to Technorati Favorites
  99. Philippine Home Design and Improvement Blog
  100. Home Based Business by Brian PrattAdd to Technorati Favorites
  101. Shakeroo?s Gold – Shakeroo
  102. Blue Sky Brothers – Greg Meares
  103. Brown Thoughts by Brown BaronAdd to Technorati Favorites
  104. Business Sanity – Susan Martin
  105. by Calvin WarrAdd to Technorati Favorites
  106. Can?t Coach That by Coach McGeeAdd to Technorati Favorites
  107. Career RamblingsFave the Site
  108. The Pond – Karen
  109. by YogeshAdd to Technorati Favorites
  110. Creative Design – David Airey
  111. Random Expressions – Deepak Jeswal
  112. Digital Phocus – Brendan Monaghan
  113. Dosh DoshFave it
  114. Eat Drink & Be Merry Fave it
  115. Ed LauFave it
  116. by Matthew JabsAdd to Technorati Favorites
  117. Everyday WeekenderFave it
  118. (exceptional) – Jon
  119. Life in the Fast Lane by DeborahAdd to Technorati Favorites
  120. Foreign Perspectives by ArnoldAdd to Technorati Favorites
  121. Gauravonomics by GauravAdd to Technorati Favorites
  122. Hannes JohnsonFave it
  123. Ramblings from the MarginalizedFave the Site
  124. Homemaker Diary – MQ
  125. Internet Serious Business by The TrollAdd to Technorati Favorites
  126. iReview – iReview
  127. JesterTunes – Jester
  128. Jimi Morrisons HeadFave it
  129. Jon LeeFave it
  130. Julies JournalFave it
  131. Kabatology – Kabatology
  132. Klamath Design by LindaAdd to Technorati Favorites
  133. Sleeping Princess
  134. MLM Forums online marketing blog by Jens P. BergeAdd to Technorati Favorites
  135. by Gary LeeAdd to Technorati Favorites
  136. by DanielleAdd to Technorati Favorites
  137. My Dandelion PatchFave it
  138. Nate WhitehillFave it
  139. Nathan DrachFave it
  140. Net Business BlogFave the Site
  141. Life Rocks! 2.0 by Nirmal T VAdd to Technorati Favorites
  142. Real Amber – Real Amber
  143. Reality Wired – James
  144. Revvi::blog – Revvi Sudirnoputra
  145. Riskiraj by RishirajAdd to Technorati Favorites
  146. Romance Tracker by Phil Van TreurenAdd to Technorati Favorites
  147. SamanathonFave it
  148. Scribble on the WallFave it
  149. Serendipity by ShariqueAdd to Technorati Favorites
  150. Shadow Scope by RichardAdd to Technorati Favorites
  151. SiteLogicFave it
  152. Sizlopedia – Sizlopedia
  153. SMO Blog – Mark Blair
  154. SMS Today by FoxtuckerAdd to Technorati Favorites
  155. Square Cookies – Square Cookies
  156. Stephen FungFave it
  157. Syaf the Geek by Syafrizal Abu MansorAdd to Technorati Favorites
  158. – Tech Livez
  159. Technacular by Vikas SahAdd to Technorati Favorites
  160. TechnoDiary – Sahil Gupta
  161. by Ashish MohtaAdd to Technorati Favorites
  162. TeknoBites by RamAdd to Technorati Favorites
  163. The Blog Columnist – The Blog Columnist
  164. Filipino Entrepreneur by Filipino EntrepreneurAdd to Technorati Favorites
  165. The Thinking Blog by ilker yoldasAdd to Technorati Favorites
  166. Untwisted Vortex – RT Cunningham
  167. UrgentClick by AndyAdd to Technorati Favorites
  168. Vacilamos! – Ari
  169. Online Diary – Venu
  170. VersaCreations by Vivienne QuekAdd to Technorati Favorites
  171. My Affiliate Journey
  172. Inklings: The Copywriter?s Blog by Walter BurekAdd to Technorati Favorites
  173. My Life My Story –My Passion – Yong Kai Loon
  174. Zath by Simon BarkerAdd to Technorati Favorites
  175. | Technorati Favourite Exchange by Foreign PerspectivesAdd to Technorati Favorites
  176. Get your blog noticed with Technorati faves exchange by Mom of Many RedheadsAdd to Technorati Favorites
  177. Technorati Favorite Exchange Experiment by Greg LungerAdd to Technorati Favorites
  178. Technorati Link Exchange by Javier AltmanAdd to Technorati Favorites
  179. Technorati Link Exchange by Blogs et IEAdd to Technorati Favorites
  180. Blog Advice – Technorati Favorites and Link Exchange by Earn Mony on the WebAdd to Technorati Favorites
  181. You scratch my blog, I?ll scratch yours: Technorati Link Exchange by The Voice In My HeadAdd to Technorati Favorites
  182. 1000 new friends in technorati fave by The Money Online ProfitSense BloggerAdd to Technorati Favorites
  183. Technorati Favorites Exchange by LifecruiserAdd to Technorati Favorites
  184. Technorati Favorites Exchange by SpidroAdd to Technorati Favorites
  185. Technorati Favorites Exchange by robotAdd to Technorati Favorites
  186. Technorati Favorites Exchange by SpidroAdd to Technorati Favorites

SUGGESTION: once you?ve gone through and faved everyone on this list, add a comment saying you?ve done that and subscribe to the comments. That?ll pick up anyone new appearing here. ?Tis also worthwhile to run up a favourites exchange page of your own; if you do, mention that here and I?ll add you on which get?s both of us a link.

If you stumble upon more of this favorite exchanges, please feel free to tell me so I can update this list 🙂

UPDATE: I hope to find another easier way of getting the list automatically, so if you have any tips I?m grateful!

In the meantime, have a look at Favorite Me, which gives you excellent help too 🙂

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  1. lifecruiserteam captain lifecruiser August 15, 2007 Reply

    The engtech link is now updated to:

    Technorati favorite your fans

    Cheers 🙂

  2. atmaxplorer sylv3rblade August 15, 2007 Reply

    tnx for the heads up. I’m downloading it now.
    I’ll also be posting a link in my blogroll

  3. haj Hannes August 16, 2007 Reply

    Thanks for continuing the link train 🙂

  4. mohamedab86 spidro August 26, 2007 Reply

    add u as spidro, also i added link to ur post in my blog
    please add me

    and add link to my post

  5. robot robot September 30, 2007 Reply

    I added all the favorites! Thank you for running this.

  6. robot robot September 30, 2007 Reply
  7. ashish028 Ashish September 30, 2007 Reply

    Added You to my FAVs..
    Please add me back

    Please Leave a comment to get listed and increase your Blog reactions

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