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Citibank on Paypal Withdrawal

I had pause all my blogging activities to catch up on my research for my Electronic Design subject. To compensate for that, I tried to contact Citibank on how one will go about withdrawing your Adsense income via Paypal. Here’s their reply:

We wish to inform you that once you withdraw funds from your Paypal account thru Citibank Credit Card, the amount withdrawn will be charged with Cash Advance charges. This includes transaction charge of P300.00 or 3% of the amount withdrawn plus the interest charge of 3.5 %.

I will post an update as soon as the banks that I also contacted on this inquiry gives their respective replies.

While that may put off several interested, I think the fee is worth it considering your money’s security. If you feel that’s not enough to compensate the high charge, just use Western Union.


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  1. dexfamily Dexter October 10, 2007 Reply

    I think this is better than Xoom.. My recent trial to xoomm really has a problem. I tried twice and did not workk my citibank Visa does not yet arrived

  2. Laibeus JC John SESE Cuneta October 11, 2007 Reply

    Hmm.. I think you have to re-ask them. My colleagues who talked to Citibank about PayPal to CC withdraw told them this:

    Citibank: Sir, you have to get it as “Cash Advance”, you will have to pay the fee and the interest rates of a cash advance withdrawal.
    My Colleague: But that is wrong, it IS MY money, why do I have to pay you for MY OWN money?
    Citibank: Then sir, you can visit any Citibank branches and ask for an Overpayment Cheque, there is no charge or fees for an overpayment cheque.
    My Colleague: Is this sure, confirmed, standard operation?
    Citibank: Yes sir, there are no fees or hidden charges, and we do issue overpayment cheques if you visit one of our branches.

    I agree, why do you have to pay for your own money? Im not talking about the “fee”, fees are fine. But the Cash Advance “interest rates” which is 3.5% is the issue. It is your money, and they are getting 3.5% interest from your own money for the duration of your “Cash Advance payment months”.

    Try to ask them again, and give the conversation above. Two of my colleagues got the same reply, i believe it is their standard reply. In fact, earlier than that conversation, one of my colleague said Citibank said this:

    “Sir, many are asking about PayPal withdrawal, is this what you are inquiring about?”

    In any case, get Unionbank EON (Visa Electron). Or EPCI Visa Electron.

  3. atmaxplorer sylv3rblade October 11, 2007 Reply

    Hmmm… thanks for the info. I’ll inquire with Citibank again.

    I was wondering about what the 3.5% was for so I was still opting WU as my current option, with this I’m off to push through with my application.

    It’s hard to apply for a CC when you’re still a student though. *sigh*

    Still no reply from Union Bank though, guess I need to go and ask myself.

  4. dexfamily Dexter October 15, 2007 Reply

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