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WidgetBucks: Slapped or Banned?

If you do a quick read on popular sites, you’d notice a lot of posts about not coming up on Google SERP. Curious, I tried it for myself and came up with:

WidgetBucks on Google SERP

Apparently, this so-called “ban” isn’t exactly true. So people who reacted instantly (negatively) on the news removed WidgetBucks on their sites in fear of Google’s ban hammer. WidgetBucks was penalized for adding a backlink to their flash-player which is now removed.

If you read up on their WB’s blog, there’s an explaination on what had happened:

First of all, no, WidgetBucks was not banned by Google SERPs. I recognize this bursts a great Google-smack down storyline here, guys. Sorry. We had a simple server configuration oversight as it pertained to page redirects which caused the Google Crawler (GoogleBot) to fail when attempting to index our site.

If you check their ads now, the backlink is gone and their site is back on SERP.  Now that things have been cleared up, I do hope people would stop assuming things before getting their hands on first hand information since that makes information on the net highly unreliable. Anyways happy blogging to everyone.


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  1. McBilly October 28, 2007 Reply

    Thanks for clearing this up. I thought they got banned from the hidden link that they put in the ads. Hehe. I’ve learned my lesson.

  2. sylv3rblade October 28, 2007 Reply

    It’s better to hear from the source than speculate right?
    Once I saw the posts about their “ban” I went to their site then their blog and found that bit of info.

  3. dexter October 30, 2007 Reply

    good to know that..thanks for clearing it up

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