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Google Ads on Feedburner Feeds

I was thinking of tinkering with my Feedburner settings when I noticed something odd with the Monetize Tab. Apparently, advertisement on RSS feeds doesn’t just come to people with high feed traffic. After checking with the Feedburner blog, I found this entry:

This newly integrated capability — designed just for FeedBurner-powered content like yours — puts relevant AdSense content ads to work on your blog and/or website…. If you choose to activate this service, you can run a 300×250 or 468×60 text or image AdSense ad on your blog. The ad will appear below the first item on your site and archive pages once you have installed the necessary code. Ad content is automatically targeted to complement your site and you will earn revenue each time visitors click on ads. You can even customize the colors (or use a saved color palette from your AdSense account) so the ad unit fits your site’s look and feel.

Google Ads configuration on Feedburner

To activate Adsense for your RSS Feeds:

  • Sign in to your FeedBurner account
  • Enable FeedFlare (the option seems necessary for the ads to appear)
  • Select your feed and go to the Monetize tab where you can connect this service to your AdSense account (if you already have one), or create a new AdSense account (if you don’t).
  • Configure your Ad
  • Save and add the FeedFlare code to your site (if you haven’t done so)
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  1. dexfamily Dexter November 5, 2007 Reply

    But did you see it in your feeds via email?

  2. atmaxplorer sylv3rblade November 5, 2007 Reply

    The ads are active only for live RSS feeds. Google would be giving away a good part of their code as well as the publisher’s ID if ads were present on emailed feeds.

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