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Thoughts on KUbuntu 7.10

After about 3 hours of tweaking, I’ve finally managed to get a stable configuration for installation of Kubuntu 7.10. While I will add my hand on all the praises that Canonical has been


Unlike, Firefox’s new update is highly recommended to fix the crashes that many users have reported. Some of these crashes showed evidence of memory corruption under certain circumstances and we presume that with enough

Ubuntu 7.10 is available for download

Although it’s still not on the Ubuntu site front page, you can get the latest distro from any of these sources: Ubuntu Release Page OSUOSL Mirror FSLUTD Mirror Indiana Mirror CD image Mirror Or you can save everyone’s server from

Mozilla aims for mobile web

Opera is probably the best browser for your mobile device and the Mozilla team now wants a piece of the action. While many mozila fans will go crazy over that announcement, there’s a

Windows XP SP3 leaked details

It’s been a long time coming but Window’s XP Service Pack 3 is coming.As with SP2, Service Pack 3 will consist mainly of previously-released hot fixes and security patches so you don’t have to

Ubuntu 7.10 available for preorder

Shipit, Ubuntu’s FREE CD delivery service is now taking orders for Gutsy Gibbon (7.10) shipments. While placing my orders I noted that there’s a bit of decrease in the cds they send out: 1 Ubuntu

IE7 removes WGA check

The first time IE7, I was a bit confused at Microsoft’s intent. At first, they wanted to compete with Firefox by providing a “free,” safe and optimal browser to compete with Firefox, Opera

The Storm superworm

No this isn’t a security bulletin but if you’re thinking that your computer is safe from viruses and malware, think again. What is Storm? If you’ve been seeing floods of emails and IM messages that try

YaKuake – KDE terminal emulator

Long time or even new Linux users sometimes find the old terminal console boring and too DOS-like. I tried lots of emulators but I couldn’t find one that works for and looks

Microsoft launches Office Live Workspace Beta

Another Web service is added to Microsoft’s already long list of .Net integrated services with the brand “Live”

An Ultrathin, Anime-Inspired Computer Memory Chip

It’s probably a mix that few people would deem possible, but anime and biotechnology paved the way for the development of an ultrathin, Protein-based Memory chip. Treehugger gives a simple summary of the theory behind

XP stays awhile longer

Another score for the demanding masses, Microsoft decides to add another few months to XP’s lifeline. Large PC manufacturers were slated to have to stop selling XP after January 31. However, they have successfully lobbied

What is the Sony Drive

What is the Sony Drive

Something seems up with Sony’s Japanese homepage as rumors began circulating about what this item is. Aside from the non-descriptive name, there’s little information about the item other than the non-helpful flash presentation

Microsoft ‘Stealth Update’ Proving Problematic

Microsoft ‘Stealth Update’ Proving Problematic

if you’ve read my post about the confirmation of Microsoft’s Stealth Updates for Windows XP and believed Microsoft’s claims, stating that this is a ?normal behavior? for XP and Vista machines then think again. According

Linux Guide for newbies

It’s been a while since I’ve started guiding a few of my friends and family onto Linux OS and it’s a refreshing experience seeing people using Linux (Ubuntu specifically) actually enjoying it, it’s become

Apple: 3rd party software = no warranty

After rumors of Apple bricking unlocked Iphones with the new firmware, the company just announced that running and third-party application on those $400 gadgets would effectively void warranty. The company also states that

Excel 2007 Bug

Excel 2007 Bug

If you multiply 850 by 77.1, the result should be 65535. However, Office 2007’s computations gives out an answer of 10000. Try it

Ask Bill Gates

Ever wanted ask one of the world’s most recognized people your burning questions on Office, Windows, Halo and Microsoft in general? Here’s your chance. Bill Gates has agreed to take questions from

Vista vulnerable to old viruses

Vista vulnerable to old viruses

I found some rumors awhile back that there were some laptops with pre-installed with Windows Vista Home Premium comes laden with a virus. A friend email a picture to confirm that. The

Microsoft’s Virtual Earth

Microsoft’s Virtual Earth

Microsoft?s Stephen Lawler gives a brief tour of Google Earth’s future competitor, Virtual Earth. A short rendezvous through its hyperreal 3D cityscapes reveals a staggering amount of detail into focus. Even at the

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