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IE7 removes WGA check

The first time IE7, I was a bit confused at Microsoft’s intent. At first, they wanted to compete with Firefox by providing a “free,” safe and optimal browser to compete with Firefox, Opera and everyone else. When it came out, I was surprised to see an additional WGA check which was embbedded into every installation of the new browser, which was quite separate from the checks of my windows installation –this goes the same for WMP11. Now, from the official IE blog is an announcement that the WGA checks will be gone with the latest IE7 update, at least for Windows XP users.

It’s obvious that this development is a marketing ploy. I imagine that the only one’s that were affected by the 2nd check was people who installed a pirated or cracked version of XP (although there’s a working crack/patcher to bypass that as well), this move ensures that Microsoft will get a share of people who want a freely installable browser.

Aside from the removal of WGA, the IE7 update includes a few other tweaks as well like the default visibility of the menu bar.

If you want to download the latest version of IE7, head to the Microsoft download page for your copy.


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