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Vista vulnerable to old viruses

I found some rumors awhile back that there were some laptops with pre-installed with Windows Vista Home Premium comes laden with a virus. A friend email a picture to confirm that. The virus is the 13-year-old boot sector virus named ?Stoned.Angelina? which was first found in 1994.

Vista Permission

From Virus Bulletin

A consignment of laptops from German manufacturer Medion, sold through German and Danish branches of giant retail chain Aldi, have been found to be infected with the boot sector virus ?Stoned.Angelina?, first seen as long ago as 1994 and last included on the official WildList in 2001. According to German sources, anywhere between 10,000 and 100,000 systems may be infected, but as the machines apparently ship without floppy drives the virus is unlikely to spread. The systems come pre-installed with Windows Vista and Bullguard anti-virus, which will warn of the ?harmless? infection on booting the machines, but is unable to remove it.

About Stoned.Angelina from Symantec

Stoned.Angelina is a Boot virus belonging to the Stoned family of viruses. As a boot virus, it infects hard disk (Master Boot Record – MBR) and floppy disk (BOOT) boot sectors. .
The only way in which it can infect the hard disk is for the computer to boot from a floppy disk that has already had its boot sector infected; there is no other possible infection route. After infecting the hard disk Master Boot Record, the virus goes memory resident and remains there in preparation to infect all the floppy disks accessed by the machine.

This virus has no visible payload and contains the following text string within its code:

Greetings for Angelina !!! / by Garfield/Zielona Gora

Zielona is the name of a Polish city.
However, it might corrupt the information contained in the sectors that the virus uses to store the original boot sectors.

How safe is OneCare? Only time will tell

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