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Ask Bill Gates

Ever wanted ask one of the world’s most recognized people your burning questions on Office, Windows, Halo and Microsoft in general? Here’s your chance. Bill Gates has agreed to take questions from NEWSWEEK readers in an exclusive Web forum. Submit your questions on or before Sept. 28; those lucky enough to be selected will find their questions on the Oct. 10 issue.

Use this link to mail MSNBC your questions.

On a personal note, I’d appreciate it if they did both sides of the coin. Not just the questions about the positive aspect of the corporation but more on the negative side. It’s MSNBC after all, not FOX news.

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  1. dYu September 24, 2007 Reply

    hmmm. let’s give it a try 🙂 sana isa sa mga tanong ng mga pinoy ang mapili hehe. ‘la lang. malay natin. good luck! 😉

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