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An Ultrathin, Anime-Inspired Computer Memory Chip

It’s probably a mix that few people would deem possible, but anime and biotechnology paved the way for the development of an ultrathin, Protein-based Memory chip.

Treehugger gives a simple summary of the theory behind this upcoming technology which uses ferritin, a protein commonly found in both eukaryotes and prokaryotes.

In the past, thin materials such as glass and plastics had proved unsuitable for the production of computer memory since they had a low heat resistance. However, with the help of ferritin – which stores iron inside its hollow spherical structure – the researchers believe it will now be possible to use these thinner materials. The exact process involves the irradiation of ferritin-covered substrate with UV light, which destroys the protein and leaves behind metal deposits (which are contained in it). The end result was a memory chip measuring less than 1 micron in thickness.

The unlikely source of this amazing new technology? “Detective Conan” (otherwise known as “Case Closed” and is still my fave anime for some reason). In a few years, Conan?s eyeglasses may no longer be a dream.

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