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Google Presentation goes live

Google Apps just celebrated it’s Suite completion with the release of it’s presentation application. At a quick glance, Google Presentation looks and feels like a bare bones of an online presentation tool and there’s a bit of disappointment on the features available.

Here?s what’s available out of the box:

  • Import Power Point files.
  • Support for simultaneous sessions multiple users
  • Import existing presentations to get started quickly.
  • Online Sharing.
  • Ability to Export in HTML
  • Basic Image Manipulation
  • Basic Text Formatting
  • Revision Tracking
  • Online Sharing via emails
  • 15 pre-formatted themes

Here?s what’s not in the box:

  • No animation – boo
  • No slide transition effects
  • No graphic elements or charting
  • Sound Embed
  • Video Embed
  • Can?t customize themes
  • No Export to Power Point
  • Lots more missing features

Google seems to have skimped out on Google Presenation’s features. While the online collaboration tool would be helpful once in a while, there’s still quite a bit of work needed for the package to work with power users. Advanced image and text editing for one. One good and powerful implementation would be through CSS although there has been no statements about it so far.

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