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Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII opening cinematic gets unveiled

After months of teasing with costumes, gameplay screenshots, etc, we finally get to see the opening cinematic for the upcoming installment to Final Fantasy XIII. The opening video of Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy

Watch 35 minutes of Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII gameplay

GAME has graciously uploaded 35 minutes of gameplay for Square-Enix’s upcoming (and hopefully last) installment to the Final Fantasy XIII franchise. via FF

Check out Lightning’s pre-order only Samurai Series costumes

Square Enix has a new set of videos detailing more of Lightning’s costumes (in this case the pre-order only ones). Each costume will be available from a certain retailer, meaning it’s currently only possible to

Lightning Returns gets two new costumes: the Vajra Bodhisattva and the Fushikaden

Square Enix has revealed two new costumes for Lightning in the next instalment of the Final Fantasy XIII series, Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII.  As always, both costumes come as a pre-order bonus. The Vajra

Square Enix holds Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII press event with more details, costumes and info on Lightning’s bust size

Square Enix recently invited 180 members of the Japanese press to a premium experience meeting for Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII in collaboration with Sony Computer Entertainment Japan Asia’s Play Community website. The development team,

Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII gets a 4 disc soundtrack

If you’re wondering if Square is serious about making a sale with the next (and hopefully last?) instalment of Final Fantasy XIII, then this should make things clear.  Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII  will

Asian Edition of Lightning Returns won’t get english subtitles

Bad news for those of us hoping for a copy of Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII that has english menus and subtitles with the Japanese audio intact.  Sony’s announcement via the Taipei Game Show revealed that

Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII Japan Expo trailer

A new trailer for Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII has been released by Square Enix just in time for the Japan Expo in France. Aside from the usual introduction, revealing the dilemma that the world

Lightning gets Final Fantasy 7 Cloud Strife costume and sword for pre-orders

Cloud Strife’s “Soldier 1st Class” uniform from the cult hit Final Fantasy VII will be available as a pre-order bonus for Lightning in Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII. If there was one thing that Square

Square-Enix announces Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII

Unsatisfied with how Final Fantasy XIII-2 ended without any clear conclusion for Lightning? Not to worry, Square Enix that there will be a third and final (hopefully?) game for the Final Fantasy

Final Fantasy XIII-2 Collectors Edition headed for EU, US

Square-Enix has just announced that the EU and US will be getting limited edition Collector’s Edition releases of Final Fantasy

Final Fantasy XIII-2 hits Japan, December 15

Square Enix has just announced that Final Fantasy XIII-2 will be arriving in Japan on December 15. Sera and Noel continue Final Fantasy XIII’s storyline on both the Xbox 360 and PlayStation

Square-Enix announces Final Fantasy XIII-2

I just got home and WOW.  Square Enix Europe has just announced Final Fantasy XIII-2.  Yep.  As was the case with Final Fantasy X which brought forth Final Fantasy X-2, Lightning and the gang

Final Fantasy XIII Cosplay

While looking for some reference pictures for an upcoming shoot this month, I saw some amazing Final Fantasy XIII cosplay pictures. Fans should easily be able to recognize these characters. I’ve uploaded some them

Xbox 360 gets Final Fantasy XIII Special Edition bundle

Microsoft is going all out for Final Fantasy XIII’s US release this March with the announcement of The Final Fantasy XIII Special Edition, a Xbox 360 bundle for the US release of the upcoming

Official Final Fantasy XIII International version trailer

The International version for Final Fantasy XIII is set for release on March 09, 2010, several months after the original japanese release. The official trailer below shows the reason for the delay.

Final Fantasy XIII official US / EU release date

People who have put off making their next console purchase for the release of Final Fantasy XIII, get your wallets ready. Square Enix has officially announced the official release date for the english

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