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Xbox 360 gets Final Fantasy XIII Special Edition bundle

Microsoft is going all out for Final Fantasy XIII’s US release this March with the announcement of The Final Fantasy XIII Special Edition, a Xbox 360 bundle for the US release of the upcoming game. Sure you may argue that the PS3 did it first with the very limited Lightning-edition PS3 bundle for the Japanese release but I’m doubting those got out of Japan in significant numbers :(. Besides, you got to admit that the print on the 360 looks a lot better than the fusha-tinted PS3 😀

The Final Fantasy XIII Special Edition will cost you $399 and contains:

  • Final Fantasy XIII (the game)
  • Two wireless controllers
  • One headset
  • A 250 GB model Xbox 360 unit with Lightning decals

If you already have an Xbox 360 and would just want to slap Lightning on your trusty box, don’t worry, Microsoft also says it will sell FF13 faceplates a piece. The design is created by Square character designer Tetsuya Nomura and will ship in limited numbers to shops in Australia, Europe, New Zealand and North America. No word on price for the faceplate but it will be available at the same time as the game and the Special Edition box.

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  1. tripmatrix Aaron February 23, 2010 Reply

    You should note that you only get the “Lighting” face plate if you pre-order the bundle.

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