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Final Fantasy XIII Cosplay

While looking for some reference pictures for an upcoming shoot this month, I saw some amazing Final Fantasy XIII cosplay pictures. Fans should easily be able to recognize these characters.

I’ve uploaded some them to imgur and posted them here for easy access.

Whilst browsing, I also came across this video of several final fantasy xiii cosplay (entitled Best Final Fantasy XIII cosplay which is somewhat fitting):

Now for the images you came here for:




So which Final Fantasy XIII cosplay should earn the title “Best Final Fantasy XIII cosplay”? These guys of course:

Quick Note: I’m still looking for the photographer/model for these shots to give due credit. Please use the comments for the requested information.

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  1. juhdee-93 Flare Star August 1, 2010 Reply

    Lightning’s face looks wrong. And sword too.
    Is Hope a girl?
    Sazh is accurate.

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